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Peace be upon you brethren in the Lord. Thanks for your time and love for the word.

--A lukewarm believer is one who is either cold or hot. They lack enthusiasm, they are uninterested in God's word.

--They are not zealous, not passionate, not fervent. They don't have ardent love or burning desire for anything in the family of God.

--The lukewarm Christian don't show any interest in God's Kingdom race. The lukewarm people are so hard to reach because they are neither cold nor hot

--A good case study is Judas Iscariot, he was a closed associate with Jesus. He ate the Passover together with them. He was part of the team, but not totally.

--He was not an opened, opposed enemy and he was not a real friend. He was not fervent, passionate. He didn't give his soul in totality, he was not committed.

--He was not completely consecrated unto the Jesus. He was following the Lord with a hidden agenda. He was a closed friend physically but far off at heart.

--A person who is one leg-in and one leg-out is very difficult to reach. If they are totally outside, or inside, the case would be easier
★Revelation 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

--The lukewarm believers are hypocritical and won't accept correction. They are insincere and will not yield to chastisement. They love money more than God. Judas Iscariot was called a thief (Jn 12:4-6).

--They don't heed to God's Word, they always feel "am alright". Alright in sin and iniquity, alright working for devil secretly, alright on their way to hell. You need to be careful friend.

--The neither cold nor hot are the middle line people.
You can't be on the middle line. You can't stay on the fence. You are either in or out. A servant can't serve two masters (Matt.6:24).

--There are some people, since many years they were saved:-

◇◇Talk about evangelism, they are lukewarm.Mention doing the will of God, they are lukewarm.

◇◇Talk about holiness, sanctification and a righteous living in the sight of God and men, they are lukewarm. Mention Holy Spirit fruits, they are either cold or hot.

◇◇They know all the Bible, Christian doctrines, they have Christian books at home, yet lukewarm.
★Revelation 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

◇◇Please come out of this group and surrender totally to the Lord Jesus Christ. Go back to the old cross of cavalry, you need first experience of salvation. You will need to start journey afresh with Christ.


◇◇As you can see, the time is too hostile, it's not friendly at all. Therefore, make haste and do the needful. It will not too long now that the trumpet shall sound. Where will you spend your eternity? Choose wisely. Come back to Christ now!

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