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This theory in our lives makes us a long time of our lives, time in which we can live without resentment based on love and unity, when we forgive we do not do the other person a favor we are really doing ourselves a favor, because in the midst of true forgiveness we obtain liberation..

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So that resentment no longer rests in us, I once read that to hold a grudge within us causes multiple illnesses like stress and even cancer, for this the best thing for ourselves is to forgive and forget.

A short time ago I experienced a betrayal of a friendship that I still love very much, but this betrayal hurt me to such an extent that I began to feel such a rage that it began to dominate me in such a way that I got sick from a very strong gastritis caused by stress. . He immediately sanitized that I decided to really forgive.

My advice of life, if God person to each one of us our offenses and as his children we always want to live with his forgiveness and restoration then who we are so as not to forgive those who offend us?

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