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Cry out to me, and I will answer you, and I will teach you great and hidden things that you do not know.

Jeremiah 33.3

We have all asked ourselves what is the key to attaining the grace and favor of God, especially when we pray, we cry and we hope that God will listen to our prayers and grant the longings of our hearts and many of us despair because we do not understand what is happening. , we believe that God does not listen to us and we even believe that we are not worthy of His grace; However, God is love and in his heart there is only the longing to protect, keep, provide, bless and grant the longings of the heart of his children.

But, definitely there is a unique requirement that God makes us so that we can enter the throne of His Grace with confidence every day: a true, genuine repentance, a contrite and humiliated heart; when sin hurts us to the bone marrow and makes us prostrate before His presence and pour out our heart, watering with our tears the robe of His tunic, this is something that our beloved Father and God can not bear, of the same way that a father or a mother can not tolerate seeing a child suffering, without this moving his heart to do something that relieves his pain.

Sin is what separates us from God and however slight it may be, it affects our relationship with God, our prayers and our spiritual connection, so it is very important for a Christian to understand the relationship between his daily life , obedience to the Word of God and repentance, all of which is possible thanks to the Holy Spirit; where is the Holy Spirit, there is freedom, there is love, there is healing, there is forgiveness and there is connection with Jesus Christ and with the Father and therefore there is a genuine repentance that cleanses us, cleanses us and makes us fit to receive Grace, consolation and the favor of God.

There is also a great relationship between repentance, the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, the forgiveness of sins, salvation and the eternal life that Jesus Christ is preparing for us, with Baptism. God would not have taken so much work preparing the coming of the Messiah and sending a messenger like John the Baptist, specifically to prepare His arrival, preach and call everyone to repentance and then baptize the Christ himself and thus fulfill the prophecies and the beginning of the Salvation Ministry of Jesus Christ, if this were not so important.

Baptism should not be taken so lightly, it is something very serious and confirms our commitment to the family of God, respects and honors the sacrifice of our Savior on the cross and honors God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; it represents a death to our old way of life and the resurrection of Christ and a new birth and a new life from which we must begin to grow, to strengthen and to take care, because our eternity depends on it.

Every act of disobedience, rebellion, sin and even disinterest or neglect in the spiritual life, dishonors the sacrifice of our Savior and grieves, saddens and extinguishes the Holy Spirit, quenches and diminishes his power and the most serious thing is that we will be judged and punished doubly for our faults, if we do not repent and change our past way of life, because he who knows grace and the law and in spite of it sins, is doubly guilty of judgment. Jesus said that any fault would be forgiven, minus the faults against the Spirit of God.

In conclusion we can say that a genuine repentance is the way to the throne of God; our prayers, prayers and pain can only be heard and mitigated by God, thanks to the promise that Jesus Christ gave us and the Holy Spirit that we receive and that we must honor in our lives, genuinely repenting of our faults and praying to God to allow us resist the devil and may He boast in our weaknesses, that is to say, free us from them.

The next day John saw Jesus coming to him, and said:
Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.
This is the one I said:
After me comes a man, who is before me;
because he was first than me.
And I did not know him; more so that it was manifested to Israel,
This is why I came baptizing in water.
John also gave testimony, saying:
I saw the Spirit coming down from heaven
as a dove, and remained on it.
And I did not know him; but he sent me to baptize with water,
He told me:
On whom you see the Spirit descend and who
Remain over him, that is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.
And I saw him, and I have testified that this is the Son of God.

John 1: 29-34

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