10th report Anti Cheat Cheetah - 17.02.2022

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History of activity

January 2022

February (and unfinished cases from January)

30.01.22downvoting feelregret user🔜 In progress - almost done
01.02.22downvoting b86 user✔️user inactive
02.02.22detected abuser ppomppu 🔜 In progress - downvoting now
03.02.22detected abuser isisis 🔜 In progress - downvoting now
04.02.22detected abuser bookreader on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - downvoted occasionally
05.02.22detected abuser tomhall on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
7.02.22@endingplagiarism detects abuser isnochys 🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
10.02.22 victorialegend abuser detected✔️user share correct posts now
11.02.22 olivepainting abuser detected🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
14.02.22 The abusers in Newcommers Community detected by @endingplagiarism04✔️ Admins and greeters informed about the abuse
17.02.22 community moderator caught on multiple plagiarism by @endingplagiarism✔️ included on the list

Work, work, work

It's been a week since the last report and a lot of good things has been done since then. We are not looking for the new abusers until we will manage to get rid of those that were detected recently. It all goes in the right direction though.

Feelregret powered down almost all their SP and now is not able to collect more than 2 USD weekly from the self-votes (before it was over 200 USD). The account is constantly watched and occasionally downvoted. We are waiting until they will leave the platform.

We started to downvote two other accounts: ppomppu and isisis. Sometimes we do visit the bookreader's account, which is next in queue, and leave the downvote there as well.

Isisis is threatening that they will downvote the trail members. The truth is that Isisis have cancelled the delegation to Upvu so they will be downvoting (less probable) or they will power down their account (more probable). I would like to assure you all, that you don't have anything to worry about. The total VP of that user is able to take down up to 6-7 USD daily and the downvote trail is made of tens different users. Also, we will be tracking the activity of that Steemian and for each 1 USD taken by Isisis we will try to give you the upvotes worth at least 2 USD (voting will be made from ac-cheetah account as well as from the accounts of the project allies).
Every day Isisis is not delegating to Upvu, they lose the income worth 22-23 USD, every time they will dovnvote you, you will get twice as much as they will try to take down with their votes.

We are also happy to inform you that victorialegend stopped sharing the same content in multiple communities. It's a great example that not every abuser has to power down and leave the platform. Some of them are changing their habits and starting to play fair. Victorialegen account is watched by us but we are not downvoting her posts.

Next in plans are four different big fish:

  • bookreader is making two kinds of posts: one random word or screenshots from the stock market
  • tomhall is sharing every day the screenshot with the value of BTC
  • olivepainting is sharing the posts with one photo and one word, sometimes just a word or even a few signs to milk the system with the help of upvu

Besides that, we continue checking the plagiarism in the communities under the steemcurator guidance and we are marking on our list all the plagiarists to spread the news between the admins of different communities.

For the admins and mods

Every report includes the list of the abusers who shared plagiarism, spam or any other content against the rules. Make sure people suggested to block (with three or more abuse cases) are not able to publish anything in your community. People marked with the warning (W1 or W2) should be allowed to participate on Steemit, but it's worth to keep an eye on them and always double check what was posted from that accounts.

The cases detected after publishing first report has been marked as "NEW"

Abusers list - block

UserPlagiarized contentNEWUserPlagiarized contentNEW
edmund.nef Multiple plagiarism NEWumarbhutta01 Fake account NEW
pro12Identity theft, multiple ID holderNEWardiblondy Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
nonanunik Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
-rth Link1
relisientknowsspam comments-landiva Link1
Link 2
Link 3
cryptoinmind Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
-siddharthmnm Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
rayan0 Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Abusers list - 2 warnings

UserPlagiarized contentNEWUserPlagiarized contentNEW
victorialegend Spamming same content -dolphin33 Link to the report by stef1-
kyara2 Link 1
Link 2

Abusers list - 1 warning

UserPlagiarized contentNEWUserPlagiarized contentNEW
mrsokal Link 1 NEWnova001 Link1 NEW
husnainahmad235 Link 1 NEWasriani Link 1 -
onyekasonltd Link 1 -zeezee25 Link 1 -
homer27 Link 1 -calomecha Link 1 -
sironairam06 Link 1 -neoroots Link 1 -
zabbar Link 1 -andrea.boji Link 1 -
therichguy19 Link1 -siuo Link1 -
emyy Link1 -asue Link1 -
lika0812 Link1 -eduardolameda Link1 -
nennette Link1 -kookie1234 Link1 -
chizzybahd Link 1 -mukky23 Link 1 -
maqbool12 Link 1 -rajj1985 Link 1 -
libera-tor Link 1 -arifulsa12 Link 1 -
manuelking001 Link 1 -motlhamme Link 1 -
saikat000 Link 1 -agamtjutben Link 1 -
bidyut01 Link 1 -alaol66 Link 1 -
emmanelchinonso Link 1 -abimanyu5 Link 1 -
amaliacharlotte Link 1 -pamella97 Link 1 -
ubaraw Link 1 -

Rewards distribution

@ac-cheetah is not oriented on earning the money, so most of the rewards will be invested in developing new tools or, optionally, powering up to fight with plagiarists more effectively.

The income from all the future @ac-cheetah posts will be distributed between multiple accounts:

  • 20% will go to @alexmove who is working on the automatization of plagiarism search on the platform. The money will be used to pay for external professional tools that detect plagiarism (the cost is 0.01 USD per post)
  • 10% will go to @symbionts for launching the downvote trail
  • the rest will go to @papi.mati for the manual work on searching abusers, downvoting, and for writing the reports

As we received a few delegations and we have some SP now, we distribute it on a daily basis to reward our account and team (we were requested to self-vote ac-cheetah to increase the voting power by our biggest donor, normally we do not do that). The rest of the votes are used to upvote users who detected plagiarism, community accounts of our partners and Steemians who joined the trail.

If you would like to join our trail or if you have any questions related to that tool, check THIS POST.

If you want to learn more about our downvote policy, check THIS POST

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This is the second time this user has committed plagiarism . So welcome @endingplagiarism to make the right decision about this ID @bidyut01.
Cc: @ac-cheetah @milakz

Felicitaciones, excelente trabajo...