6th report Anti Cheat Cheetah 02.02.2022

8개월 전


History of activity

08.01.22Downvoting Rayan0 abuser🔜 In progress
13.01.22Launching downvote curation trail✔️
14.01.22 Account farm detected✔️ already closed
16.01.22Downvoting Angryseason abuser✔️ the user says sorry and decides to share regular posts instead of trash, now its account is observed but not downvoted anymore
18.01.22The account farm related to dtubebd ✔️ the account farm is closed
20.01.22downvoting Tramb abuser✔️ after a few days, Tramb gives up with posting the plagiarized content, the account is regularly observed
21.01.22Significant increase of the downvote power, that reaches nearly 1 million SP✔️
22.01.22Detecting account farm related to Xenotype and 41 other accounts - more difficult to track and downvote🔜 In progress - constantly observed
23.01.22Downvoting anacristinasilva abuser✔️user inactive
25.01.22Downvoting pct abuser✔️user inactive
26.01.22Downvoting Dut abuser✔️user inactive
29.01.22@endinglagiarism finds the account farm with over 18k abusers 🔜 In progress - abusers downvoted, we are waiting for cancelling their delegations by Steemit Inc.
30.01.22downvoting feelregret user🔜 In progress - the user started powering down. We will investigate if the SP will be transfered to another account.
01.02.22downvoting b86 user🔜 In progress

Work, work, work

We receive a lot of suggestions which accounts should be double checked and who should be downvoted - everything is double checked, biggest abusers are defeated first (we can't downvote unlimited accounts, so sometimes we are forced to prioritize), opened cases are also with the priority until the abuser change their habits or leave the platform.

Rayan0 is still posting the trash, so we are downvoting him regularly. We can play that game as long as he wants to - each downvote takes only 1% of our VP, so it's barely noticable change.

Pct, Dut, anacristinasilva - those three accounts stopped publishing trash and are inactive now. The accounts are checked regularly but does not need powering down anymore (at least for now)

@endingplagiarism found collosal content farm (18 000 + accounts)and reported it to Steemit Dev group. We are waiting for the answer, hoping that the delegations of 15 SP to those users will be removed. For now I am downvoting all that accounts. It does not take much SP (I'm downvoting with 1-2% of voting power each post) but it's a lot of work. Unfortunately content farms means hundreds of posts, each with the value up to 0,06 - 0,07 USD. In total, it's a big amount.

We are fighting with two very big fish now. We are unable to take down all their income with the downvotes, but we are doing what we can. It's b86 and feelregret - the second one started powering down their account but they still post spam and self-vote it so we will have to continue downvoting them until the last minute. After the power down we will try to make sure that the STEEM has not been transferred to another account.

Besides that, we continue checking the plagiarism in the communities under the steemcurator guidance and we are marking on our list all the plagiarists to spread the news between the admins of different communities.

For the admins and mods

Every report includes the list of the abusers who shared plagiarism, spam or any other content against the rules. Make sure people suggested to block (with three or more abuse cases) are not able to publish anything in your community. People marked with the warning (W1 or W2) should be allowed to participate on Steemit, but it's worth to keep an eye on them and always double check what was posted from that accounts.

The cases detected after publishing first report has been marked as "NEW"

Users active in the last 7 days

UserPlagiarized contentWarningNEW
rth Link1
relisientknowsspam commentsBLOCK-
landiva Link1
Link 2
Link 3
cryptoinmind Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
siddharthmnm Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
rayan0 Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
kyara2 Link 1
Link 2
therichguy19 Link1 W1-
siuo Link1 W1-
emyy Link1 W1-
asue Link1 W1-
lika0812 Link1 W1-
eduardolameda Link1 W1-
@nennette Link1 W1-
kookie1234 Link1 W1-
chizzybahd Link 1 W1-
mukky23 Link 1 W1-
maqbool12 Link 1 W1-
rajj1985 Link 1 W1-
libera-tor Link 1 W1-
arifulsa12 Link 1 W1-
manuelking001 Link 1 W1-
motlhamme Link 1 W1-

Users active in the last 2 months

UserPlagiarized contentWarningNEW
ardiblondy Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
nonanunik Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
saikat000 Link 1 W1NEW
agamtjutben Link 1 W1NEW
bidyut01 Link 1 W1NEW
alaol66 Link 1 W1-
emmanelchinonso Link 1 W1-
abimanyu5 Link 1 W1-
amaliacharlotte Link 1 W1-
pamella97 Link 1 W1-
ubaraw Link 1 W1-

Rewards distribution

@ac-cheetah is not oriented on earning the money, so most of the rewards will be invested in developing new tools or, optionally, powering up to fight with plagiarists more effectively.

The income from all the future @ac-cheetah posts will be distributed between multiple accounts:

  • 20% will go to @alexmove who is working on the automatization of plagiarism search on the platform. The money will be used to pay for external professional tools that detect plagiarism (the cost is 0.01 USD per post)
  • 10% will go to @symbionts for launching the downvote trail
  • the rest will go to @papi.mati for the manual work on searching abusers, downvoting, and for writing the reports

As we received a few delegations and we have some SP now, we distribute it on a daily basis to reward our account and team (we were requested to self-vote ac-cheetah to increase the voting power by our biggest donor, normally we do not do that). The rest of the votes are used to upvote users who detected plagiarism, community accounts of our partners and Steemians who joined the trail.

If you would like to join our trail or if you have any questions related to that tool, check THIS POST.

If you want to learn more about our downvote policy, check THIS POST

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There is plenty of work here and it's the type of work I would like to do
Where should I start?


Thank you Manuel! Of course every help will be appreciated.

  1. You can join the downvote trail
  2. Alternatively you can downvote posts manually. Right now you could downvote pending rewards from b86 or feelregret users.
  3. You can randomly check suspicious posts for plagiarism, using plagiarismdetector website
  4. Share this post to make it reach more people

Thank you once again


what does exactly my mistake here? i never making any posting how can it called plagiarism? if it about hit @tipu curate it is not only me! i only a very small fish!! all you are doing to me is evil you know!!! i can tell you very much whale account but i am not the guy like that, we all people in the world looking for only food for our family and i am not doing plagiarism!!! i only doing comment @papi.mati @ac-cheetah @alejos7ven @endinglagiarism


Yes, it's not only you and we will be taking down all of them one by one. Bid bots are allowed as the support for the bloggers but if someone uses it to get the rewards for the comments made of four words, it's simply stealing the money from the common pool.

Start writing interesting, original (plagiarism-free) posts with your own photos (or CC licensed photos from the internet) and we will let you use tipu. Continue trash commenting and we will downvote every single spam you share to get easy money.


ohh yeah.. i see you like a master here doing all what you want but with no etics at all! i promise you if you give me the warning first it will be ok!! not like you do downvoting me without knowing what is my mistake!!! what is your categories for "trash commenting"?? all of you need to know about "make it easy and don't complicate" @papi.mati @ac-cheetah @alejos7ven @endinglagiarism

I'll get Rayan0 added to the next delegation removal list 👍🏼


Technically not plagiarism, but #steemexclusive tag should not be used there. Publishing on the multiple platforms is okay, but that sort of posts can't be upvoted by SC team or can't get the booming.

Thank you for finding it! I've explained the mistake to the author.


I wasn't sure it was a plagiarism, so I asked you to take a look. Thanks.

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