9th report Anti Cheat Cheetah - 11.02.2022

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History of activity

January 2022

February (and unfinished cases from January)

08.01.22Downvoting Rayan0 abuser🔜 In progress
30.01.22downvoting feelregret user🔜 In progress - the user powers down. We will investigate if the SP will be transfered to another account.
01.02.22downvoting b86 user✔️user inactive
02.02.22detected abuser ppomppu on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
03.02.22detected abuser isisis on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
04.02.22detected abuser bookreader on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
05.02.22detected abuser tomhall on the waiting list to downvote🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
7.02.22@endingplagiarism detects abuser isnochys 🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
10.02.22 victorialegend abuser detected🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet
11.02.22 olivepainting abuser detected🔜 In progress - not enough SP yet

Work, work, work

I'm still focusing on two users but the list includes much more abusers, so every whale who would like to add something from themselves is mostly welcomed to downvote on their own. I know it's not possible to win every battle and sometimes I regret that I called myself Anti Cheat Cheetah instead of Don Kichote, but every single dollar saved by us is a small win.

I'm still into Rayan0, who is so weak that downvoting him (her) is not a big problem. In fact, I'm doing it with my personal account to not use the trail unnecessarily. I'll wait until (s)he will get tired.

The second case is well known to everyone who is following my battle - it's feelregret who is downvoting their SP (the nearest downvote is planned for tomorrow). That;s the biggest active downvote on the platform and we are very proud to say that we helped to cause it. Every single dollar taken from that abuser will make Steemit stronger. Of course, we will be following the activity of that user, checking if he will transfer STEEM to the new account. If so, we will continue downvoting it.

If you want to help, go to https://steemworld.org/@feelregret - scroll down to author rewards, mark "hide dust payout" and click "refresh". You will see the list of his posts that were self-upvoted. Click on any of them, make him a visit and downvote them with 100% VP.

Next in plans are four different big fish:

  • ppomppu is making copy-paste posts with the link to the product for sale and short, 100% plagiarized description
  • isisis is making the posts with one random word, just to earn the money from upvu
  • bookreader is making two kinds of posts: one random word or screenshots from the stock market
  • tomhall is sharing every day the screenshot with the value of BTC
  • victorialegend who is posting the same content four times (admins of the communities were informed about the abuse)
  • olivepainting is sharing the posts with one photo and one word, sometimes just a word or even a few signs to milk the system with the help of upvu

All mentioned abusers are oriented on stealing the money from Upvu and don't understand what Steemit is for. As the priority I will be downvoting the most shameless, who are just sharing one random word each day.

Besides that, we continue checking the plagiarism in the communities under the steemcurator guidance and we are marking on our list all the plagiarists to spread the news between the admins of different communities. Last three days the great job was made by @adeljose who detected three new cases of the plagiarists. Thank you for that!

Two country representatives are leaving the platform

In the last few days two Argentinian country representatives - fendit and belenguerra started to make the 99% power-down. Their community "Writing and reviews" also power down all the SP they accumulated, which means it does not qualify for the booming support anymore ( @steemcurator01 )

For the admins and mods

Every report includes the list of the abusers who shared plagiarism, spam or any other content against the rules. Make sure people suggested to block (with three or more abuse cases) are not able to publish anything in your community. People marked with the warning (W1 or W2) should be allowed to participate on Steemit, but it's worth to keep an eye on them and always double check what was posted from that accounts.

The cases detected after publishing first report has been marked as "NEW"

Abusers list

UserPlagiarized contentWarningNEW
victorialegend Spamming same content BLOCKNEW
ardiblondy Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
nonanunik Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
rth Link1
relisientknowsspam commentsBLOCK-
landiva Link1
Link 2
Link 3
cryptoinmind Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
siddharthmnm Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
rayan0 Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
dolphin33 Link to the report by stef1W2-
kyara2 Link 1
Link 2
asriani Link 1 W1NEW
onyekasonltd Link 1 W1NEW
zeezee25 Link 1 W1NEW
homer27 Link 1 W1NEW
calomecha Link 1 W1NEW
sironairam06 Link 1 W1-
neoroots Link 1 W1-
zabbar Link 1 W1-
andrea.boji Link 1 W1-
therichguy19 Link1 W1-
siuo Link1 W1-
emyy Link1 W1-
asue Link1 W1-
lika0812 Link1 W1-
eduardolameda Link1 W1-
nennette Link1 W1-
kookie1234 Link1 W1-
chizzybahd Link 1 W1-
mukky23 Link 1 W1-
maqbool12 Link 1 W1-
rajj1985 Link 1 W1-
libera-tor Link 1 W1-
arifulsa12 Link 1 W1-
manuelking001 Link 1 W1-
motlhamme Link 1 W1-
saikat000 Link 1 W1-
agamtjutben Link 1 W1-
bidyut01 Link 1 W1-
alaol66 Link 1 W1-
emmanelchinonso Link 1 W1-
abimanyu5 Link 1 W1-
amaliacharlotte Link 1 W1-
pamella97 Link 1 W1-
ubaraw Link 1 W1-

Rewards distribution

@ac-cheetah is not oriented on earning the money, so most of the rewards will be invested in developing new tools or, optionally, powering up to fight with plagiarists more effectively.

The income from all the future @ac-cheetah posts will be distributed between multiple accounts:

  • 20% will go to @alexmove who is working on the automatization of plagiarism search on the platform. The money will be used to pay for external professional tools that detect plagiarism (the cost is 0.01 USD per post)
  • 10% will go to @symbionts for launching the downvote trail
  • the rest will go to @papi.mati for the manual work on searching abusers, downvoting, and for writing the reports

As we received a few delegations and we have some SP now, we distribute it on a daily basis to reward our account and team (we were requested to self-vote ac-cheetah to increase the voting power by our biggest donor, normally we do not do that). The rest of the votes are used to upvote users who detected plagiarism, community accounts of our partners and Steemians who joined the trail.

If you would like to join our trail or if you have any questions related to that tool, check THIS POST.

If you want to learn more about our downvote policy, check THIS POST

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @ac-cheetah once upon a time I was also the private investigator I have served and caught many plagiarists but no one supported us at that time ! You can check my activities regarding plagiarism....
By the way nice to see that steem inc is now supporting you !


I'm sorry to hear that your work was not properly rewarded in the past. If you still have the will to make the private investigations, we will be honored to work with you. You could share the effects of your work in the separate post in Mosquito Squishers - we will surely include all the abusers that you'll find to our report and upvote you with the VP that we currently have. Who knows, maybe the SC team will also add the extra upvote from themselves?


Thank you for that - we'll make it our priority to inform the member that his account is hacked and make sure the admins will mute the spam comments before someone will click the link.

Important people in the last months made power down and leave steemit… but you need to point out us… as usual… steemit won’t grow with your kind of actitud, don’t you notice that?

Steemit will grow the day that it join as an entire community and stop supporting people like you who want to build accounts by pointing out other people.

Be creative and stop earning because of the police rol that you like to perform...

Oh, you simply can’t live without your drama, can you?
What does plagiarism have to do with belen, writing and reviews and me? Probably nothing, but you just wanted to include that information as another way of chasing people around. Disgusting.
Get a life.


You can't use the booming support if you power down, that's what is has to do with you. Your community was still getting it and knowing you, you'd give maximum upvotes to each others and writingnreviews account to take with u as much as possible.

If you need to scream a bit before - no problem. Make the last drama and sashay away 😘 Don't expect long conversations. Good luck in your life!

Congratulations for all you do for Steemit and for doing something positive against plagiarism and abuse. You got yourselves into a never ending task :) I wish you the best of luck and success.

It's a bad news about the argentinian girls, it would have been nice to see a general power down list xD. Ps, the ad is very alarming. Maybe they had already announced this to the admin "who knows" but it's understandable that they do it and it doesn't surprise me because power down is something I've seen for a long time. And this won't be the first one.

Even though in blockchain everything can be seen, many people don't have the knowledge and skills to see all this. I also don't think it's good to make this public, because other users could take this example "saying" if other people do it why can't I do it. I also think that it is a topic far from the objective of this account.

So far in February a number of Power Downs have been initiated of

925,873.872 SP, it is curious that you have only noticed this case "let's hope it is not malicious".

By the way, this month was my 4th year of knowing Steemit, and what I can tell you about the Power down action, is that it is a pattern. In life everything is based on numbers "statistics", and the probability of power down is much higher in accounts that receive preferential support from sc01 or sc02 "more often" and accounts that are participating in club100 or club75.

In the past the Steemit team delegated a lot of SP to different healing projects, delegated SP that generated millions or hundreds of thousands of healing rewards. Now where is all that SP generated by "Power Down" healing perhaps. The authors that received a lot of support in the past "4, or 3 years ago" where are those rewards "all sold and retired".

Anyway, you see a Venezuelan in the 100 club and you are not surprised? The probability of that user making power down is 100%, when he/she accumulates a considerable amount of SP "thanks to the preferential support that club100 gives you now".

Steem is still being sold and withdrawn "for charity" obviously with a % of profit for the one who executes the work. If club100 or 75 is so important, why do they still allow these rewards to be used for charity, charity or act of kindness is not charity if it is not done with their own resources, but it is done with Steemit's resources, in short it is like an organized way of withdrawing money without going through any club.

About the power UP and retreats in general.

Only through the exchenge upbit these amounts have been sold so far this day.

254,707.166 STEEM|2,399.174 SBD

While, so far this day Power Up has been made of:

129,488.464 STEEM

and only 102,192,996 Steem Power UP were from a single user named @reflektor. This is data so far from February 11 until 14:00.

The preferential support for some community accounts or club100 and club 75, will surely make us see more cases of Power Down within these same accounts.

With respect to the users, there will come a time when these accounts will no longer be supported and you will see that they will not generate the same profits as when they were supported. Then there will only be one thing left "Power Down and withdraw" as I said it is a pattern that will keep repeating itself.

The idea of creating a lot of dolphins is great because if one of them do power down it won't affect much, but if a 4 dolphin user does it "it does".

Even people can find themselves in the extreme economic need to do Power DOwn, either for health or to meet a goal, or invest in something that can generate more income. We must respect and understand, because we all at some point will be prompted or think about doing it.


Hi Sara.

From what you say I can rescue something very important, and it is that it is more likely that someone who is in club75 or club100 will eventually power down, faster than someone who is in clu5050, and this is logical, for the following reasons:

  • since a club75 or club100 does not let you "enjoy" your rewards as you would like immediately.
  • The motivation that is the basis of everything, of club75 or club100 is "to receive more reward" if it is not received, the frustration can be very great.

On the other hand, with club5050 the user is getting "something" that he can enjoy immediately. Psychologically, it is more likely to be sustained over time.

On the other hand, there are users who in the past "got used" to taking everything out, they will not tolerate even club5050 well.

So, it is as you say, the statistics are very interesting, they reveal realities with which the right decisions could be made.

For my part, the club5050 seems very good to me, because it seems to me the most fair and logical thing to do is to enjoy and at the same time invest.

The conclusion is that we must observe very well the motivations of the users when they approach Steemit. this is very important and is what will define their actions in the medium and long term.


If so, the club5050 is very cool. It would also be great to take more account of rewarding really useful and valuable content above all else.

But, apparently the Steemit team seems to want to create many dolphins so that the Steem community in general can become independent. That is why they are supporting people from these clubs more often.

What will happen in the future when these accounts reach a great Steem Power and sc01 or sc02 stop supporting them because they can already be independent. For example being Orca?

If you look at the accounts from SC04 to SC08 with 250,000 SP, they do not generate more than 2000 SP in a month, with current prices. An account with 50,000 SP only generated a fifth part, that is to say 20%, at least 400 SP per month, but with a good healing it may exceed 500. I say if you use it to give random votes to the community.

What would this user "Orca" do when he saw his rewards go down so much? Now they are independent, they will have enough education to manage themselves and generate more income. Oh sure, you will surely look with upvu for a way to generate more income where you will surely earn much more.

Maybe exchange votes with other orcas or whales, thus earning rewards for authoring and/or curation. But he would only be using this for his own benefit.

And what would happen to the community, it would no longer support creators of good content "as expected"

Or simply the user can see that they have 50,000 SP and depending on the price it could be 20 thousand usd or 30 thousand or if the STEEM goes up, maybe it is time to sell and invest in something more profitable.

All these points must be taken into account for the distribution of rewards, so it is good that the best content of the day is rewarded, not the users.

Maybe a new user with skills can create better content than someone with 20,000 SP. Maybe with the necessary motivation I can do more positive things for the blockchain. But, the new users are having a hard time with the preference for clubs 75 and 100, even so they try to join and they don't usually see them, and they don't see that motivation. And if this new unmotivated user is a great developer capable of creating incredible things "he will leave unmotivated".

For example, to participate in the Crypto Academy you need to reach 60 Reputation and how do you do it in one month, two months? It's almost impossible, how many booming do you need to win?


Yes, it is very true. The POB should be the most important thing to consider when handing out the rewards.

Rewarding the content and not the users is a principle that should not be forgotten. However, that good content will be seen and recognized if it is made by a person who also performs the engagement.

In Steemit, good content is closely linked to the ability to engage. Someone who does not socialize and live with significant comments on the platform will not be rewarded much, we know that well.

Then it is good content both in Publications and in comments that will be of great value to be recognized and rewarded. And I think that in a certain way this is recognized.

Giving value to new content and new users is vital because the platform is nourished by everything new that comes to it.

Hopefully the ideas you have just shared about these alarming numbers can be carefully processed and digested to good conclusions.