Resurrecting Mosquito Squishers!

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Resurrecting Mosquito Squishers!

@ac-cheetah is moving from the previous community to Mosquito Squishers thanks to the kind support of @the-gorilla. That way, our community will be referenced in Achievement 3 and it will be more easily to find it for the new users.

We recommend everyone to read following posts to learn more about this project:

The downvote curation trail has been launched The best way to help us to fight with abusers is joining our downvote curation trail launched thanks to the partnership with @symbionts and @alejos7ven - read how to do it and how exactly does the tool work
Suggested universal rules - how to react on the plagiarism and abuse How to recognize content farm, plagiarized photos, text, spam or identity theft. When the warning is enough and when the user should be blocked from the community?

The previous reports (published in another community) can be found here:

Report 1 (08.01.22) Report 2 (16.01.22) The account farm detected

Besides that we would like to announce that one of our partners, @alexmove, is working on the tool that will be checking the plagiarism automatically and reporting all the plagiarists in a moment their post has been published. Right now the testing version is launched in two communities.

Money distribution

@ac-cheetah is not oriented on earning the money, so most of the rewards will be invested in developing new tools or, optionally, powering up to fight with plagiarists more effectively.

The income from all the future @ac-cheetah posts will be distributed between multiple accounts:

  • 40% will go to @alexmove who is working on the automatization of plagiarism search on the platform. The money will be used to pay for external professional tools that detect plagiarism (the cost is 0.01 USD per post)
  • 20% will go to @alejos7ven (10%) and @symbionts (10%) for launching the downvote trail tool and their support
  • 20% will go to @papi.mati for the manual work on searching abusers, downvoting, and for writing the reports
  • 20% will be used to make power-ups with the @ac-cheetah account

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This is very cool and important to me! Yes, financial resources are required for an external review.

And also, when switching to large volumes, large resources for the server will be required to check all posts, and this will also require financial expenses. So financial support is great!

Now I'm completely busy setting up the server and finalizing the scripts, and I'm bringing in additional programmers, since I can't handle some of the difficulties myself.

Yes, already now there is a daily check in the two communities STEEM-Garden and STEEM-Family at their request. In the near future I will connect new communities for the test

This really inspires me @ac-cheetah @papi.mati thanks!

What else to add a community for validation tests?


Thank you for this useful and relevant comment.



I want to be involved with you for all this work. Very good initiative and I am seeking your help and cooperation for my work. Thank you

The testing version of a plagiarism tool that automatically checks plagiarism? Wow. I think it is great but I do have a few problems with the users that check for plagiarism. Sometimes when a person has been caught for plagiarism with the tool it is realised that the investigator doesn’t take time to check what sentences where plagiarised and he doesn’t also check it well so sometimes it’s just that those sentences cannot be really changed or it’s just a mistake.

So I will ask that and plead with the investigators that they try their possible best to check even though it’s tiring so that users are not blamed for the wrong reasons.


The tool will help to detect the plagiarism, will share proper comment about plagiarized content and also, will tag us in the comment so we can double check it.

Program that is used to detect the plagiarism is very professional, it's a paid version (cost of one scan is 0.01 USD), so it won't detect plagiarism based on two or three similar words in a sentence as some of the free tools do.

You are right though that every plagiarism require verification by the human.

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