Delegation Rewards Paid - 210% APR

3개월 전


Since introducing our Delegation Reward System, we have received an extra 5,500 SP in delegations which is hugely appreciated.

At the time of creating this reward system, we didn't know what returns we could offer and whilst the 210% highlighted above is impressive, this is almost certainly unsustainable - Since all reward payments are made in SBD, the SBD to Steem exchange rate of 0.058 has certainly helped this figure.

Importantly, we have been able to donate $8.506 SBD to @adollaraday and @wox-helpfund to support charitable causes.

For more information on how to support @endingplagiarism and to earn delegation rewards, please read this post.

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Thanks for that

That's great.

Thank you for the work you are doing, and thank you for the donation to @adollaraday.

I didn't know about delegation rewards. How much is the reward you offer based on sp?

For example, how much would it be for every 500 sp or every 1000 sp?

#affable #venezuela


I would be guessing I'm afraid. I share 70% of all SBD rewards amongst delegatees. This was $2.367 SBD for 1,000 SP for 1 week's rewards. I don't expect it to remain as high as this though.