Meet These Twinz - Plagiarised Content/Fake Accounts - Communities Abusers

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Greeting Everyone!

Today I am here to expose some accounts that are abusing different communities with the same content. Especially they are abusing newcomers community and Achievement program.

Here are these accounts

Achievement no:1

NamePost LinkMatch Source
alibaba02Post LinkMatch Source
imran6771Post LinkMatch Source
usman9Post LinkMatch Source
DewtonPost LinkMatch Source

Achievement 2:

All Of Their Achievement 2 Posts Are Same:

NoPost Link
1Post Link
2Post Link
3Post Link
4Post Link
5Post Link

Achievement 3

All Of Their Achievement 3 Posts Are Same:

NoPost Link
1Post Link
2Post Link
3Post Link
4Post Link

The best thing is all of the above-mentioned users are interconnected through their wallets and if you visit their profile you will find out how they are cheating and abusing the community with the same content (Especially with the Diary Game)

The Thing which makes me sad was dewton's Plagiariesed post where he got the 7$ upvote and the original author got the 0.00$ on his post.

Dewton's Plagiarised Post

yusnaidi's Original Post

That's All for Now and I hope all of these plagiarists/Alt Accounts will get some good 🚩 Appreciation from @endingplagiarism but unfortunately the community is not supporting him and alone he has reached here with low Steem Power. I don't think without the help of the community he can achieve his goal😢.

Stats of Endingplagiarism:




I hope the @steemcurator01 team will look at the situation of the Plagiarists and the Endingplagiarism. So they can help @endingplagiarism in the battle against the Plagiarism and the Plagiarists. Save the Steemit from Reward Farmers -Spammers - Scammers and the Stealers so the original content creators can get the rewards instead of plagiarist like the above mention case of @yusnaidi.

Thanks For Reading My Post - Have a Nice Day

Please have a look, Greeters!!!

Together Let's

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This is my watch word.

What are people dealing with instead of being original?

I joined the platform in February 2021. I was personally unaware of the Newcomers Community. But I tried to learn the platform, the system on my own. And I learned thanks to good people like you.
But I've never done such nonsense in public. It hurts my dignity. Everyone here (except some) is making an effort, and it's disrespectful to them.

I wish everyone was original. I hope the platform moves forward in a clean way. It is necessary to strive not to be invaded by these people.

Best regards :)

Do you think @endplagiarism04 would like to visit them and then I can follow up?


Actually, I mentioned the greeters so they can discuss it but no one replied yet - As it is about the newcomer's community so I think Greeters' suggestions are required.
What do you think does ep04 visit them?


I think if the content's the same, it can be considered as plagiarism. Perhaps wait for the greeters to respond and see what they say.

It's amazing that people trying to create numerous accounts to earn newcomer rewards can't even be bothered to this of something different to say. The laziness astounds me.


if the content's the same, it can be considered as plagiarism

It's absolutely correct. I have gone through their posts and i think your warning would be very useful for them to rectify their mistakes. A light warning would be okay for them as i think the red marker would be a little bit harsh with the new comers on their very first post. We should give them a chance to learn about this as it might be very new for them.
Regards, Haidermehdi.


For me i think Plagiarism should be warned but not the cheating ! Its clear that they are professional cheaters warning will do nothing to them instead they are going to make further alt accounts.


Sorry i was a little busy in my new announcements that i am yet to make for the Community. I will check this right now.


We will look into the matter. Thanks for reminding us


Its obvious that we will mark all those as spammers we really trust EP as a greeter of new Comers Community and you obviously as a pakistani investigator :)


I have marked them cheater Accused / alt accounts and you know i saw they have even same registers for title image have a close look they all have same Copy where they have written their username joining date etc

Very good effort. I joined this platform because i wanted to learn about the crypto currencies but i also found their some plegrism posts. Many users are doing plegrism when i read their posts. Like era01, blue10, aizazghumman, faizanwrites07 and many others. Some of them are names in black list but some are still doing plegrism like aizazghumman and sonia. You work for anti plegrism on this platform so thats why i am telling you this. I do not have experinece working over this platform but as i learn many thing from here so i am telling you what i noticed there.