Plagiarised Content Found- Report On The Plagiarised Content 03-07-2021

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Greeting Everyone!

I am back with another report on the Plagiarised Content that I have found on Steemit. They need some notifications from @endingplagiarism to learn about the rules of the platform.

Here Is The List Of The Plagiarised Content:

NamePost LinkSource
nagaraju123Post LinkSource
nagaraju123Post LinkSource
echguruPost LinkSource
egitumanPost LinkSource
echguruPost LinkSource

Delegate Your Steem Power To @endingplagiarism and Start earning from the endingplagiarism's 70% author's rewards which were equal to 310% APR last week which you can Check Here. I believe it's the first-ever delegation reward system in the history of Steem which is paying that type of higher rewards.

Thanks For Reading The Report - Have a Nice Day

Together Let's

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All visited. Thanks @jawad101. It's good to have you back 👍