Plagiarised Content Report - Achievements Matched ( Plagiarised )

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Greeting Everyone!

Today I am here with another report of the plagiarised Content. I have found this content while visiting different communities. I have also found some achievements which are plagiarised and copied from different users.

First Here Is The List Of Plagiarised Content:

NamePost LinkSource
blackchild11Post LinkSource
chimenePost LinkSource
zirowPost LinkSource

Here Is The List Of The Plagiarised Achievement

NamePost LinkMatched Source
fizaashrafPost LinkMatched Source
haseeb-asif-khanPost LinkMatched Source

These all are the plagiarised post and achievements which they have copied it from the source links. I hope @endingplagiarism , @endplagiarism02 , @endplagiarism03 or @endplagiarism04 will visit them.

Thanks For Reading My Report - Have a Nice Day

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