Plagiarised Content - Report on Plagiarists and the Plagiarised Content - 14/06/2021

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Greeting Everyone!

Today I am here with a new report of the plagiarised Content which I have found in Steemit Crypto Acadmy. These are the plagiarist who needs some special advice from @endingplagiarism.

First Here Is The List Of Plagiarised Content:

NamePost LinkSource
mustaqeem04Post LinkSource
amr1Post LinkSource
gb23Post LinkSource
santhosh03Post LinkSource
raiyan02Post LinkSource
famegreatPost LinkSource

Delegate Your Steem Power to @endingplagiarism and Earn 70% Rewards from the Endingplagiarism's payouts. Best time to earn the highest rewards in history. Your delegations can save the platform from plagiarists and can save the steem because plagiarists are selling thousand of Steem every week which also hurt the value of the Steem. It is dangerous for all of them sincere Steemians - I hope you can understand.

More Details are here about the Delegation Rewards

Thanks For Reading The POst - Have a Nice Day

Together Let's

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The 2nd one's difficult and I can see chunks that look plagiarised. I'm not confident enough to flag that one though.

The 3rd one, the paragraph at the end made me think there was a different source - which there was. A Spanish one.

I also think the 4th one was a different source (Reuters).

All (apart from the 2nd one) have been tagged. Thanks @jawad101.