Do you dare to answer? You dare? Only for the brave. Let's play, Third Week.. @randulakoralage

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Hi @lilianajimenez dare accepted ๐Ÿ˜. Let me tell you what you ask and please tell me, "you are brave".

Nยบ1 Do you dare to upload a photo of yourself, where you appear faith @? It can be recent, or old. It can be with a morisqueta or with some photo effect that deforms you. You dare? Let's see it.

This is not the ugliest photo I have. But this is the ugliest photo that I can share in public.


Recently my brother and I went to a textile shop. There we saw a box of hats and we tries some. The photo with the mask looks so wiered.

And there were some scars on the mirror too. Wearing spectacles and wearing a mask together makes your life a hell.

Photo is blured also. Because we were in hurry.


What is your favorite singer or musical group? Choose one of his songs and tell us what it is.

There was a band called Centrigades in Sri Lanka. They were seperated by the time but I still love their songs. My favourite one is "Mandaram Wehi Poda". It is a song for a movie, very sensitive and heart touching. It is about broken love.


Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment, for wanting to go to the bathroom? Anyone is worth, one or two.
I have. During my internship, there was a supervisor who assign tasks but never explain. So I had to search google for hours. It was so stressfull. So when I felt so stressed, I go to washroom. The washroom is so wide and well maintained so I wash my face and spend few time infront of mirror. It is secured by fingerprint so if I hear a "Teek" that means some one come in to break my peace. So I have two options, go inside the toilet or leave the washroom.


If you were given a super power to choose, which one would you choose?
I choose to appear and disappear when ever I want in where ever I want. Very useful power.



What has been the worst gift you have been given? If you are Venezuelan, anecdotes of the secret friend or gift exchanges are accepted.
A cloth. ๐Ÿ˜… Once a friend of my mother visited here and gave me just a cloth and asked to preapre a frock for me. Actually this cloth was so bad for a frock.

If they gave you a million dollars right now, what is the first thing you would buy yourself?


Then I vote Steem Sri Lanka and Venezuelans Steem

What would you change about yourself, if you could?

Once I straight my curly hair permenetly. But when it is growing, it was ugly. So I cut the hair. If I can turn back, I don't straigh my hair.

If you had to be born an animal, what would you have liked to be?

I like to be a parrot. Eating fruits... Flying..

What do you buy with what you earn on Steemit?

Booking a wedding hall :) (one day)

What was your favorite comic called when you were little?

Scooby doo for ever!

Do you have a crazy combination of food that you really like?

Cream crackers with coconut pieces.

What do you say? Do we continue with the game or do we stop? Do you want a fourth round?

I love it. Introduce a hash tag for this.

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Hi! Happy to see you here with us. I also have a curly hair and now I LOVE IT but in the past, I hated it :(. I loved how you would use the money. :D

I'm very happy that you keep playing with me.
You're right, the glasses-mask combination is not very good. I really like the super power you would choose.
Ha ha ha ha I hope you vote for me too when you win a million dollars. How delicious, cookies with coconut.