Weekly Curation Reward Distribution || week 01- [HEROISM]

3개월 전


Today is the day to distribute their due curation rewards among every valid delegators. Rewards have already been distributed among 45 delegators. Details are given below:

Users who delegated from 1001 SP to 5000 SP will receive 65% of the total curation rewards earned from that SP.

1@rex-sumon3,502.3372.900 STEEM
2@hmetu3,010.5612.490 STEEM
3@moh.arif2,501.3872.070 STEEM
4@hafizullah1,100.6030.910 STEEM
5@msharif1,050.3580.870 STEEM
6@mdsamad1,030.2870.850 STEEM
7@alsarzilsiam1,010.2470.840 STEEM
8@isha.ish1,001.6870.760 STEEM

Users who delegated from 100 SP to 1000 SP will receive 60% of the total curation rewards earned from that SP.

9@rajib8331,000.1510.760 STEEM
10@abuse-watcher800.7930.600 STEEM
11@nusuranur600.2020.460 STEEM
12@alauddinpabel600.1050.460 STEEM
13@rupok550.8540.420 STEEM
14@emranhasan550.1840.420 STEEM
15@sagor1233510.0850.390 STEEM
16@engrsayful510.0410.390 STEEM
17@green015500.8430.380 STEEM
18@isratmim500.3090.380 STEEM
19@tangera500.3060.380 STEEM
20@emon42500.2830.380 STEEM
21@razuan12500.1450.380 STEEM
22@sabbirrr500.0800.380 STEEM
23@shuvo35450.2460.340 STEEM
24@kingporos400.0980.300 STEEM
25@roy.sajib300.5060.230 STEEM
26@limon88300.1180.230 STEEM
27@selinasathi1270.1750.200 STEEM
28@ayrinbd250.4220.200 STEEM
29@mrahul40250.4220.200 STEEM
30@ebrahim2021250.1600.200 STEEM
31@haideremtiaz250.0130.200 STEEM
32@alamin-islam200.1260.152 STEEM
33@hiramoni200.1090.150 STEEM
34@tauhida200.1080.150 STEEM
35@shopon700150.0970.114 STEEM
36@sangram5120.0010.091 STEEM
37@doctorstrips100.1690.076 STEEM
38@joynalabedin100.1690.076 STEEM
39@mrnazrul100.1690.076 STEEM
40@rasel72100.1690.076 STEEM
41@simaroy100.1690.076 STEEM
42@wahidasuma100.1690.076 STEEM
43@mahamuddipu100.1000.076 STEEM
44@farhantanvir100.1000.076 STEEM
45@winkles100.0850.076 STEEM

Support @heroism Initiative by Delegating your Steem Power

250 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP


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Wow great, heroism is going pretty well. The first week's rewards have already gone all out, so have I. Feeling quite happy.

Thank you all for joining us in this initiative.

Heroism has successfully completed its first week of activities. We all see a bright future for heroism.

I feel bad I was able to give. But I will try to put my name in this list one day.