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Hello Friends,

Heroism is not just a project, but a wonderful dream for all of us. We want to call it the Steam Army. Because it is not like other traditional delegation projects, it is a project with very different features. Those who will be delegating here will control it. Simply put, we are the initiators of this project-we are the directors of this project. So there will be no third party here.

However, we want to ensure certain things through this project-

First, to ensure our overall security through unity - because unity is the established truth.

Second, ensuring a fair and safe environment through mutual cooperation - if we can build a spirit of cooperation with each other through unity, then no one will easily dare to do anything wrong.

Third, ensuring support for quality content and building a strong position against spamming - whenever it is possible to ensure support for quality content, it will be easier to fight spamming.

Fourth, encourage everyone through curation rewards. Curation rewards received from the project will be distributed among all at a fixed rate.

Although things are not easy at all, our united position and sincerity can make everything easier. You see, we have five fingers in our hands, they are very small in different ways. But if five fingers are clenched together, its capacity is multiplied. In the same way, if we can all combine our few powers, we will undoubtedly be able to create a better position.

Now if we want to keep our position well integrated and secure, there is no alternative but to take heroism to a strong position. Let us come together in an effort to build a beautiful unified position and try to create a unified position of the beautiful future.

Let's try to do something new but pure........ we waiting for your positive response.

Support @heroism Initiative by Delegating your Steem Power

250 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP


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It’s very helpful to all of us, It’s truly a nice project ♥️.

It is very much needed initiative and it is true that United we stand & divided we fall. If we can be united and be with the good then i believe that no evil can touch the pure.

I hope, it will be one of the best project and initiatives in steemit. By putting our name in the list we can do a lot of things along with protecting ourselves from intentional attack as explained in the post. It is very essential for our long journey and feeling that we are always with the good things.

Thank you very much for the initiative brother and I would like to be part of this initiative. I will always be with this project. You can put my name in the list of your Army team. Thanks.

I mean, those who are and will be involved with our project I think they will be in a very good position in the future and our service is completely different and we try to work with everyone spontaneously. I hope you will stay connected with us and if we all work together, it is possible to win everything. best wish ☺❤

A very nice initiative, through mutual cooperation we can make our bond even stronger. I am happy to be able to connect with this initiative.