Weekly Delegations update || Week 0001 [HEROISM]

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Project "Heroism"
is constantly getting bigger. Its popularity is also constantly increasing. Our goal is to launch a large-scale project by combining the small power of all. With this, we will be able to evaluate the good content with the help of voting support.

Enter here to know more details about this project:

This project was launched 9 days ago. Project Heroism has already achieved 26,852.67 SP delegations. The beginning was great. A total of 46 users have delegated 26,852.67 SP . Details are given in the table below.

1@rex-sumon3,502.3376.5032021-09-10, 05:41
2@hmetu3,010.5615.5902021-09-15, 14:28
3@moh.arif2,501.3874.6452021-09-11, 11:53
4@hafizullah1,100.6032.0442021-09-11, 13:49
5@msharif1,050.3581.9502021-09-13, 21:10
6@mdsamad1,030.2871.9132021-09-14, 13:43
7@alsarzilsiam1,010.2471.8762021-09-14, 22:50
8@isha.ish1,001.6871.8602021-09-10, 22:01
9@rajib8331,000.1511.8572021-09-15, 23:55
10@abuse-watcher800.7931.4872021-09-06, 14:52
11@nusuranur600.2021.1142021-09-13, 22:14
12@alauddinpabel600.1051.1142021-09-15, 17:29
13@rupok550.8541.0232021-09-15, 07:03
14@emranhasan550.1841.0222021-09-13, 22:50
15@sagor1233510.0850.9472021-09-15, 20:01
16@engrsayful510.0410.9472021-09-16, 18:50
17@green015500.8430.9302021-09-10, 15:38
18@isratmim500.3090.9292021-09-10, 18:58
19@tangera500.3060.9292021-09-10, 20:44
20@emon42500.2830.9292021-09-11, 09:02
21@razuan12500.1450.9292021-09-14, 10:37
22@sabbirrr500.0800.9292021-09-15, 21:42
23@shuvo35450.2460.8362021-09-11, 13:52
24@kingporos400.0980.7432021-09-14, 22:52
25@roy.sajib300.5060.5582021-09-10, 22:16
26@limon88300.1180.5572021-09-13, 06:47
27@selinasathi1270.1750.5022021-09-10, 11:25
28@ayrinbd250.4220.4652021-09-10, 20:43
29@mrahul40250.4220.4652021-09-10, 19:03
30@ebrahim2021250.1600.4652021-09-10, 12:53
31@haideremtiaz250.0130.4642021-09-17, 02:42
32@alamin-islam200.1260.3722021-09-10, 16:00
33@hiramoni200.1090.3722021-09-11, 13:58
34@tauhida200.1080.3722021-09-11, 16:01
35@shopon700150.0970.2792021-09-10, 11:59
36@sangram5120.0010.2232021-09-17, 13:40
37@doctorstrips100.1690.1862021-09-14, 23:25
38@joynalabedin100.1690.1862021-09-12, 12:52
39@mrnazrul100.1690.1862021-09-15, 12:22
40@rasel72100.1690.1862021-09-10, 14:46
41@simaroy100.1690.1862021-09-10, 16:05
42@wahidasuma100.1690.1862021-09-15, 22:39
43@mahamuddipu100.1000.1862021-09-06, 13:22
44@farhantanvir100.1000.1862021-09-06, 13:37
45@winkles100.0850.1862021-09-08, 05:42
46@rahul98910.0020.0192021-09-15, 22:46


Shortcut Delegation tools: Delegate easily by clicking on the option of your choice. Good luck to you.
100 SP250 SP500 SP750 SP1000SP2000SP5000SP

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This is how our Steam Army will move forward. It was great to see everyone delegating.
Good luck to everyone

ভালোবাসা সকল ডেলিগেটরদের। আপনাদের অনুপ্রেরণা একদিন আমাকেও আপনাদের কাতারে দাঁড়িয়ে দিবে ইনশাআল্লাহ

রিপোর্টটা দেখে অনেক ভালো লাগলো কারন আমার এসপির নাইতো থাকলে দিয়ে দিতাম।

It is truly a joy for us.
In such a short period of time, everyone's interest and the mentality of cooperating through delegations is encouraging us very well. I see a bright future for the project. Thanks to everyone who has extended a helping hand, putting their trust in the project.

With the combined efforts of all, this project will become the most popular and largest project on the steemit platform. I seek everyone's cooperation. I am really happy to see so much growth in such a short time.

আমাদের স্টিমিট আর্মি এভাবেই সামনের দিকে এগিয়ে যাবে।মাত্র ৯ দিনেই এতো বেশি দেখে খুব খুশি লাগছে। আমরাই আমাদের রক্ষা কবজ হবো এই ব্যাপারটা দেখতেই জাস্ট ভালো লাগছে।নিজেও সামান্য কিছু দিয়ে এই হিরোইজম এর সাথে নিজেকে সম্পৃক্ত করতে পেরে খুব ভালো লাগছে। ❤️❤️

It was good to see the list published today. This is how Heroism will move forward.Good luck heroism.

New projects will grow with love

" Unity is Power "

"Small sand particles form droplets of water
forming the continental ocean abyss."

I really feeling so proud to be a part of the awesome project named @heroism 🛡️. The motive of the project is to protect a normal steemit user for any harassment and also give a super support to the member who support this project. We are just in the flying position of this mind-blowing project. In short future we will achieve 100k very shortly. Just stay with us to fly in the sky with no harassment of enemy. We are all together guys.

Let's come forward
Deligate on @heroism project

#steemexclusive #steemit #deligation #heroism #love-forsteem

সকল ডেলিগেটরদের প্রতি রইলো আন্তরিক অভিনন্দন। আমাদের সকলের প্রচেষ্টায় এই প্রজেক্ট আরো শক্তিশালী হবে। তাই আমাদের প্রত্যেকের উচিত বেশি বেশি করে ডেলিগেশন করা। heroism কে ডেলিগেশন করতে পেরে আমার অনেক ভালো লাগছে। Heroism এর জন্য শুভকামনা রইলো।

সকলের ভালবাসায়, কানায় কানায় পুর্নহোক @heroism এর ভালবাসার থলে। ভালবাসা দিতে সবাইকে স্বাগতম