You Can Afford to Buy a Planet? Find Out How Much The Earth!

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Value planets can be evaluated and converted into euros or dollars, thanks to a novel mathematical equations created by astrophysicist Greg Laughlin of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Based on this complex calculation can be set prices planets in our solar system, but also of the distant radio telescope recently discovered by Kepler, Laughlin writes on his blog,


Thus, Earth billion cost five million dollars, the value of our planet’s GDP, equivalent to 100 years in the world.

In its calculations, the American researcher uses data celestial mechanics, taking into account, inter alia, mass planet, star system to which it belongs, the planet’s radius, its surface temperature and period of revolution around the star.

As the mass of the planet is closest to the Earth, its value increases. Also, the price of a planet will increase depending on when it was discovered.

Thus, Mars is worth only $ 14,000, while Gliese 581c costs $ 160, although her twin sister would have a value of $ 60,000.

Very distant planets and radically different from Earth can cost even less than $ 10.

In these circumstances, we believe that planets astrophysics already begun to consider a commodity that could be traded.

However, the calculated values are purely theoretical, and some researchers argue that would be more useful formula to calculate a planet for human civilization, taking into account the costs of displacement and exploitation of the Earth.

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