Mathematical model predicts best way to build muscle

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(AUGUST 23, 2021;

The “textbook” hierarchy in the anatomy of skeletal muscle.
Researchers have developed a mathematical model that can predict the optimum exercise regimen for building muscle.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, used methods of theoretical biophysics to construct the model, which can tell how much a specific amount of exertion will cause a muscle to grow and how long it will take. The model could form the basis of a software product, where users could optimize their exercise regimens by entering a few details of their individual physiology.

The model is based on earlier work by the same team, which found that a component of muscle called titin is responsible for generating the chemical signals which affect muscle growth.

Eventually, the researchers hope to produce a user-friendly software-based application that could give individualized exercise regimens for specific goals

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I think this topic is interesting, but it applies to those potential athletes, let me explain, I exercise daily and to get the muscles I have now, it took me more than 5 months, imagine ha ha ha ha ha, technology is advancing rapidly and its use is something that we must take advantage of according to our priorities.


That's dedication! Glad you got results.

Hopefully, with an approach like this people can learn what the best approach is to make their exercise routines work better.

Oops! This should have been posted to Steem Links.

I did not write this. At least it's STEM, though!


Easy mistake. I posted my "Total Value Powered Up" post in Steem Links by accident on Friday. Fortunately, I realized it right away and was able to delete it before anyone voted and locked it in place.


I wasn't fast enough!
Planning to post some interesting things here soon, though. So maybe that'll make up for it.


At least it was on the right topic, anyway. It's actually pretty interesting. I look forward to seeing the software apps that this model feeds into. I look forward to your coming content, too!

Well, I could really use this model. I resumed working out at the gym few weeks ago.


I think you will need to wait! 🙃

In the meantime... Remember that resting your muscles is important, and there's an intensity level that's right for your body. See if you can find it.

Be well.