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China set to become the third country who successfully returns rocks from the Moon to the Earth; IEEE Spectrum's weekly selection of awesome robot videos; New study finds no harmful effects from eating eggs; Researchers use lidar to find a network of centuries-old mounded villages in the Brazilian rainforest; and New report suggests that Havannah syndrome is caused by a high-powered microwave weapon


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  1. Steem @jorgebgt:Third country in the world to collect shows moles. (EN - CAST) Tercer país del mundo que recoger muestra lunares. - By placing its Chang'e-5 probe into orbit, China's national space agency is on the verge of making China the 3rd country (after the US and Russia) to collect samples from the Moon's surface and return them to Earth. The rocks that this mission will collect are expected to be of the Basalt type with an age of about 1.21 billion years. By comparison, the rocks that other countries collected back in the 1970s ranged from 3.1 billion to 4.4 billion years. The probe is expected to return to Earth on December 15th or 16th with a comping landing in Mongolia. (A beneficiary setting of 10% has been applied to this post for @jorgebgt.)

  2. Video Friday: MIT Mini-Cheetah Robots Looking for New Homes - IEEE Spectrum's weekly selection of awesome robot videos includes:

    Here is Vantage Robotics' Vesper, a flexible military grade autonomous drone with 50 minute/25 mile flight capability that is designed to operate in any weather conditions.

  3. Association of egg intake with blood lipids, cardiovascular disease, and mortality in 177,000 people in 50 countries - In a study covering 177,000 individuals from 50 countries, researchers found no association between egg consumption and mortality, blood lipid levels, or incidences of cardiovascular disease. In short, it seems pretty safe to include eggs in our diets. -h/t Daniel Lemire

  4. Newly discovered ancient villages laid out like a clock face are further proof of human impact on the Amazon - Using remote sensing equpment that was mounted on helicopters, researchers discovered a network of "mounded villages" and connecting roads in Brazil's rainforest that date to the 14th through 18th centuries. The discovery reveals a particular, clock-like organization to the villages which suggests that the inhabitants were organized according to "very specific social models". It also suggests that indigenous South American culture evolved through a process where cultures rose, fell, and experienced transformations even before the arrival of European explorers. -h/t archaeology.org

  5. Scientists suggest US embassies were hit with high-power microwaves – here’s how the weapons work - According to a December 5 report from the Natonal Academies, the most plausible explanation for a mystery ailment that afflicted US Embassy staff and CIA officers in Cuba, China, Russia, and elsewhere during the last four years is that these persons were exposed to high-power microwaves. The report does not specify who might have been behind the microwaves, but weapons that produce these phenomena have been available for decades. In general, the weapons are intended to be a non-lethal way to disrupt electronic devices and communication, but they can also have harmful effects on humans. These sorts of weapons date back to the 1960s, during the "Cold War", and because they operate with high power in very short bursts, they don't generate enough heat for a temperature change to be observable. The report also notes that equipment at sites where people succumbed to this Havannah Syndrome were not disrupted, suggesting that a high power microwave weapon was located at significant distance from the rarget. Symptoms of Havannah Syndrome include head-aches, nausea, light-headedness, cognitive issues, and hearing loss.

    Here is a video showing one of these weapons, called THOR (Tactical High-power Operational Responder).

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