STEM Saturday Post Promotion #6: The lines of descent from ancient wolves to modern dogs

2개월 전

Welcome to STEM Saturday number 6 on the Steem blockchain. In celebration of the occasion, I have once again promoted a Popular STEM post to the top of the /promoted list.

This marks the sixth consecutive Saturday that our community has held the top of the /promoted page.


Pixabay license from suju-foto, source

The Post

This week's promoted post is Dogs may descend from two different populations of wolves from @sarahjay1.

As with prior weeks, the post was passed through three separate online plagiarism checks before promotion.

Here is the post at the top of /promoted:


Promotion Cost

In order to promote the post, I burned 1 SBD (equivalent of about 4.67 STEEM) by sending it to @null with the memo field set to: @sarahjay1/the-origin-of-dogs-linked-to-two-different-populations-of-wolves

The Community

The Popular STEM community is intended to be a place for accessible STEM conversations (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). If you have an interest in STEM topics, please come join us!

About STEM Saturday

If members would like to have your own STEM content considered for future promotions, please come join us and start contributing. I don't know how long I'll be continuing the tradition, but while I do, here are the minimum requirements for consideration (subject to change without notice ;-).

  1. Original, plagiarism-free content
  2. Minimum word count: currently 300 words, but this may be adjusted.
  3. The content must not be cross-posted on other web sites or blockchains. Correct use of the #steemexclusive tag is encouraged.
  4. English language. (sorry, it's the only one I know)

All community members are invited to create original and exclusive content that can be considered for future promotions.

Lastly, before STEM Saturday was caturday, so here is an obligatory cat picture from IlonaBurschl at pixabay.



Pixabay license, source


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I'm honored once again! I love writing about science and it's satisfactory to see people appreciate it <3

How does the #burnSteem25 work?


How does the #burnSteem25 work?

Short version: Basically it's another form of post promotion. The author sets a 25% @null beneficiary on a post to burn that portion of rewards and adds the #burnsteem25 tag to make it easy to find, then Steemit and other curators give bigger votes to posts using that tag and beneficiary setting in order to compensate for some/all of the burned rewards.

The hope, then, is that burning rewards props up the value of STEEM by reducing the circulating supply.

There hasn't been much said about it by Steemit (AFAIK), but here was their comment that launched it.

Good idea.

You can actually burn STEEM by setting a beneficiary to @null.

Maybe we should encourage people to burn STEEM this way by giving more votes...?

Say 25% beneficiary to start.


Of course, nothing is guaranteed, so each individual author has to decide whether participation makes sense for them.

(I actually wrote a browser extension [1, 2] so that I can see the posts with @null beneficiary settings easily without needing to watch the tag.)

I also wrote more about post promotion, in general, here


Gracias! <3