Artocarpus heterophyllus

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|| Artocarpus heterophyllus||
Jackfruit is the national fruit of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and the state fruit of the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The jack tree is well adapted to low-lying areas of the tropics, and is widely planted in all tropical regions of the world. It has the largest fruit of all the trees. A mature jack tree bears about 200 fruits per year, an older tree bears 500 fruits a year. Jackfruit is a lot of fruit that is included on hundreds to thousands of individual flowers, and the fleshy petals of the cut fruit are eaten. Ripe fruits are sweet and are often used for dessert and are available in internationally prepared or frozen and chilled meals, as are a variety of fruit products such as noodles and chips. Lend to call yourself "vegetable meat".

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