Cocoyam || Tuber-Crop

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They belong to tow species namely;
a. Colocasia esculentum.
b. Xanthomonas sagittifolium.

  1. Climate:

i. Rainfall;
Adequate moisture all year round, with rainfall spreading over 7 to 10 months.

ii. Altitude;
Low altitude, 0 to 1,200m above sea level.

ii. Temperature;
Not less than 10⁰c. Most adequate range is 20⁰c to 34⁰c.

iii. Soil;
Loose, slightly gravely soil with moderate fertility is best for cocoyam.

  1. Planting Materials.
    Corn or offshoot of the rhizome/ Setts of the rhizome (the main stem)

  2. Planting Dates
    Cocoyam can be planted at any time provided there is adequate moisture for it to establish. Usually, March/April is the ideal period for planting in Southern part of West Africa

  3. Maturity.
    Is between 6 to 10 months.

  4. Uses
    a. Corms can be boiled/roasted and eating with stew.
    b. Corms can be made into pottage.

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