An antique designed restaurant in Istanbul. Lipa Restaurant.


Hi friends,


After a tiring day, I wanted to go to a restaurant that I always go to. This is my first time writing an article on steemit by phone. This is Lipa Restaurant located in Pendik district of Istanbul. There is a Bosnian neighborhood in Pendik. Bosnians live here. The Turkish people and the Bosnian people have been like brothers since ancient times. That's why so many people of Bosniak origin live in Turkey. In the Bosnian neighborhood, there are other restaurants similar to Lipa. All of them have their own unique design. But I like the design of Lipa Rastoran the most. If you come to this restaurant, you should definitely eat dry meat. I think the best dried meat in the world is served in this restaurant. You should also try the amazing meatballs made in casseroles. I wanted to take a photo of the inside of the place. Don't you think the atmosphere of this place is nice? It looks more like an ancient restaurant.

Regards to all of you.

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