Just show your love for animals. I played with a very cute stray cat.

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Hi friends;




My life continues by working hard. Because of this, I don't have much time to travel. We are coming to the end of the summer months in Turkey. The weather is starting to cool a bit. I spend 12-13 hours a day working. I am at the company where I work more than my home. There are beautiful gardens in the area where the office is located. I go to these gardens for a break from time to time. Today I saw a very beautiful stray cat in the garden. It came to me and started playing with me. I understood that it wanted something from me, but at that moment there was no food with me to give it. It liked that when I patted its head. It too lay down to show its love and began to roll over. It was such a sweet cat. I saw this cat for the first time. I love animals. I especially like cats more. I couldn't feed this cat, I just loved it, but it followed me until I went to my office to reciprocate. For animals to be loyal to you, you only need to give them your love. I am a person who loves to take photos. When I have time, I always travel and take photos of the places I've been. I shared a lot of photos on my profile. If you want to see them, you can check my profile.

Respect to all of you.

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I also have cat and I love to play with them.


Thank you :)