White plants I saw for the first time. Anyone know their name?

5개월 전

Hello friends;


Returning to work after 12 days of vacation was difficult. Returning to work after a long vacation is always difficult. You wish the holiday didn't end. When I came to my office in the morning, I asked myself why am I here. Fortunately, life goes on and people have to work in order to live. After breakfast, I went out to the garden to smoke. I came across a plant that I had not seen before. It looks like wheat, but something different. I've never seen these plants before and I don't know their name. They were just beautiful and I took pictures of them. I wanted to share the photo with you. If anyone knows the name of the plant, they can comment. I will be happy for that. You are free to use my photo.

Respect to all of you.

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Hey, we had this plant in our garden! I used to cut branches and play with my cats! In greek its called -γυρένιο- I think pampas in English.