You can see Jupiter clearly lately. You can easily find planets and stars with Skyview app.

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Hi friends,



Jupiter looks beautiful in cloudless weather these days. The weather was very clear last night and Jupiter looked very beautiful. I took 2 photos of Jupiter. You might think Jupiter is a star. But Jupiter appears brighter than bright stars far away. The stars are hardly visible before it gets dark. But Jupiter is starting to appear as it starts to get dark. When you look carefully at the stars, you can see them flashing like a signal. But on planets this is not the case. Planets are always bright because they reflect the light of another star. In the months when Jupiter begins to move away from the earth, Venus takes its place. At about the same place, this time you can see Venus very clearly. I will also tell you about an app. The name of this app is Skyview. With this app you can simulate where the planets are right now. Likewise, if you are wondering about the names of the stars that appear in the sky, you can use this app. What you need to do; After opening Skyview, you need to move your phone up, down, right and left.

Regards to all of you.

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