Macro insect photography : let's fight against mosquito bites

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Mosquito is an insect in the family of of dipteran flies with females that have a set of slender organs in the proboscis adapted to puncture the skin of animals and to suck their blood and that are in some cases vectors of serious diseases

Mosquito is dangerous to our health because we can contact diseases such as malaria by transmission through the female anopheles mosquito bites. Lets avoid mosquito bites for our good health



This are some of the things that attracts mosquitoes in our area that we ignore :

  • the color (red) and nature (exposed) of some cloth we put on
  • Body smell : Some perfumes, some floral soap, deodorant etc
  • hot body temperature
  • strong exhaled carbon dioxide
  • Pregnant women

How can we avoid mosquitoes:

  • Don't keep dirty standing water near your home



  • Wear light coulor dresses

  • Use cinamon oil

  • After doing some hard work or sport take a good bath

  • Use mosquito net

  • Pregnant women should always take their pr-malaria treatment during pregnancy

Please let us fight against mosquito because it is a danger to our health. Let us fight against malaria.

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Thanks for following my post till the end

Photographer @joelmak
device Tecno F1
lens default
location Cameroon
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Beautifully captured microphotography


Thanks so much