It's Your Life



My happiness is simple. I don't dream much about a luxury lifestyle. I still have dreams but not bigger like the others. I just want to live a life where stress won't hurt me. My dream world may not be realistic but that's how I want to exist. The truth of life doesn't lie, I'm fully aware of it. If there is happiness there should be sadness. However, I think I can avoid it if I don't ask things underhanded.


I don't care what people will call me. Childish or even foolish that there is such a world like that. Life is not like that, life is unfair and life even sometimes feels like a nightmare. It's my choice because we all have a choice of how to live life. If that's how other people understand it, I have mine as well. Not pleasing or even looks idle.


How many years have I spent living in this world? How many times certainty smacks me in the face. If I want to be like this it doesn't mean I didn't experience a true defeat. In fact, It's hard to count the times I found myself failing. In my studies, in work, in relationships, and even in the family. Of course, there were those times I felt like surrendering. I felt like what's happening was too much to handle. It's normal when you expect too much, you can't escape from the feeling of frustration. Yet, why do I still think this way? Didn't I learn from my past experiences?


The truth is, it opened my eyes to the world I rejected. The beauty that I didn't realize when I was too focused on having a wonderful life. It made me realize that money is not just everything in this world. There are things you can have without money. Something will happen without money being involved. Just don't ask more because not everything in this world can be obtained.

Instead of worrying, let it flow like a river doesn't know where to go. Like a wind that you know, it's there but you can't see. Like our existence in this world, we don't know till when. We don't hope it will end soon but who knows what tomorrow might happen. We only live once but it doesn't mean we should do crazy things. All I'm saying is you can do anything but with limitations. Be afraid to get hurt because not all pain can be bearable.


Our wants may differ but we do all have choices. Having a happy life is not an option but it's a choice you can make. Stop comparing your life to other people. You will be the one to enjoy it or to suffer from it. If I think this way to look like a kid then just leave me. It's my life and I know what's best for me. Before you start worrying about me, prioritize yourself first. No one can understand me more than anyone else. I appreciate the kindness but not the interference.

Enjoy yours and I'll enjoy mine. Let's make our life fruitful and enjoyable because this is how we want it.

Thank you for reading

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Very motivative


Thanks but I don't think it's beneficial to keep on posting here.