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My life is brilliant. My world is beautiful. I always think of it every time I see the lovely scenery being at the shore. When the waves sparkling by the time it splashes and the sun reflects. When the breezy wind comes from the horizon it makes me feel amazing. There are so many things why I think the sensation of staying at the shore is different. Some can be explained but some can't because its emotions just come in.


It's not a waste of time I think to free yourself from everything and just talk about nothing special. It's like letting yourself be free from the stress by chit-chatting or just keep on talking while sharing images. I think it's not nonsense to share about how you entertain yourself by that day.


Yes, I know if you have been seeing my posts you will be aware that most of my photos are from the shore. I'm not tired of being used to it because the beauty along the shore always amazes me. It always surprises me as if it's something new or I haven't seen it for a while.


Just like the early morning view. When the sun on the opposite side just started rising. I love just how the sun colored the clouds and gave a not too bright view towards the sea. That cloud I guess was the one that stood out the most because it was so wide. Also, it looks like there was light.

just another shot


After doing what needed to be done I went back to the shore. It was a sunny day and you can tell just by looking at the photos. The sky was so clear and the sea was so peaceful. I felt like swimming but I just didn't remember there were things that needed to finish.


I stayed there for a long while enjoying the view. I saw some children fishing on that dike. They were always there and sometimes I bought fish from them when I liked what they caught. My mother is picky about eating fish so I only bought fish for her. The types of fish we used to eat are not being caught near the shore. A little bit cheaper compared to what I bought for my mother but still, it's delicious.


So while I'm writing right now I noticed the moon is so pretty. Before ending this post let me show you how beautiful a night I'm having at this moment.

Thank you for reading

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