That beautiful sky



Worries, problems? We all have that because without it we're not normal for sure. Even so, don't we think that living in this world is interesting because of those? Just like we overcame an impossible challenge. We thought it was impossible for it to solve but then we did it. Have you ever experienced something like this? Can you still tell how it felt? I bet we still chose not to remember because of how heavy the burden we're carrying. If ever it's too much, take a pause and let the beauty of life inspire us to be happy.

For sure you don't need reasons, anything can be something special as long as you'll think it's the best.

Nothing special has happened to me recently. Everyone is welcome to say "just some dramas, just exaggeration or something." Of course, everyone's opinion is allowed but just don't force someone to believe what you're believing. That will not be a good idea because all of us have different perspectives in life.

Indeed, faith sometimes doesn't favor us. Things we'd like to happen will not happen even with how much effort we put through. It's not wrong to be mad or feel frustrated. That just means how serious we are to achieve our goals in life. If we don't pursue things, the life we're having is boring or just like an empty bottle of rum. There's no value in that bottle without the strong taste of rum.

Let yourself be disappointed. You need that to continue doing more than you thought your best. However, don't stop believing and rise again. If you're still thinking you don't have reasons to continue anymore. Think of your family, loved ones, or the beauty of nature. By appreciating you can tell yourself to keep on living while you still can. There's no time for wasting it because you can't have it again. There will be no rewind no matter how much you regret it. Don't waste the chance and keep grabbing it like you don't want to let it go.


If you can't find the beauty that surrounds you perhaps you're not looking intimately. Keep looking because for sure there will be, just like what I saw not long ago. I hope you will enjoy this short video that I recorded when I saw this beautiful sky.

Thank you for reading and watching

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Very nice image