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Hello friends

Today I leave you the details of the eyes of my children, they are used to seeing me with the camera and although they do not stay still for a long time they no longer run away.
All of you who have animals and want to photograph them I think you already know, you have to get at their height and take advantage of the moment, also be patient and sometimes the photography comes out alone ...


IMG_9592 copia.jpg

Rufo has blue eyes and always watches everything

IMG_4013 copia.jpg

Lur has them honey color

IMG_4015 copia.jpg

IMG_4017 copia.jpg

This little Russian blue of my friend will have them emerald green as the color develops as they grow

IMG_7538 copia.jpg

Argi has them green and pierces you with his eyes.

IMG_4779 copia.jpg

IMG_4789 copia.jpg

IMG_4009 copia.jpg

IMG_9731 copia.jpg

IMGP1745 copia.jpg

The eyes of cats are special so expressive and curious, that is why I wanted to show you the eyes of my little friends for Saturday

IMG_7587 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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such beautiful eyes and you captured so well. Happy Sunday.