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Hello friends
Photos of the most interesting clouds and sky from last year.

IMGP8863 copia.jpg

IMGP9243 copia.jpg

All the captures are located in the same place my window, I am a lucky girl and I always have a sunset almost at my fingertips.

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IMGP8843 copia.jpg

It is the north of Spain and beautiful sunsets are rare, our skies are usually cloudy and stormy.

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After days you can see all kinds of clouds from Cumulonimbus, Cirrocumulus and Strata.

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IMGP8687 copia.jpg

IMGP8552 copia.jpg

But what has amazed me since I was a child is that in a second as the shapes change depending on the wind that blows, so you can spend hours watching, it is always different, more and more interesting.

IMGP8899 copia.jpg

IMGP1840 copia.jpg

When the reds tint the clouds that is already pure wonder, nature always surprises us and it seems that the sky burns and vomits incandescent lava.

IMGP4734 copia.jpg

IMGP0974 copia.jpg

IMGP1387 copia.jpg

IMGP8397 copia.jpg

IMGP1016 copia.jpg

IMGP1426 copia.jpg

It is also true that being a sky with clouds that are loaded with humidity, it rains a lot making our landscape green and alive.
Nothing more beautiful and mysterious than nature.<

IMGP8671 copia.jpg

IMGP1814 copia.jpg

IMGP1504 copia.jpg

IMGP1143 copia.jpg

IMGP9148 copia.jpg

IMGP9050 copia.jpg

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IMGP0824 copia.jpg

Pentax K20

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