Arenga Engleri 🌴



Arenga engleri or the Formosa palm, Taiwan sugar palm, dwarf sugar palm, or Taiwan arenga palm, is a species of flowering plant in the family of Arecaceae which rarely grows more than 10 ft. tall, with a stem diameter of about 6in. & a spread of 16 ft. The palm is know to be native to Taiwan as well as Japan's Ryukyu Islands.
The palm radiates a tropical beauty & is considered to be among the finest landscape & cultivated palms.
The beautiful stems are cloaked with delicate black cool fibers which has long graceful triangular fishtail-shaped ‘pinnate’ leaves up to approximately eight feet long.
Dark olive-green leaves often twist gracefully, giving them a slight spiraling exceptional appearance. Leaflets spring from the midrib of each thornless stem & are dark-green to olive on their topside & silvery beneath.
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Good to know details about the palm! Thank you for sharing.

I like the description and the details given. Thanks for the shareI don't know much about this plant but I have one kind of this in our house. Here's for share one of my indoor plant (It goes inside and out in our house for it to survive and it helps in purifying air inside our house).


My kind of dwarf palm tree.

Very interesting and delicate palm stem. My friend has something similar growing on the windowsill.

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Thanks very much and this was Soo educative. We are a growing NGO in Cameroon and we learn from such write up to transmit to our children in the center.

We shall always follow and learn more and more.