Chinese Evergreen Shrub 🍃

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This Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants known commonly as Chinese evergreens in the arum family of Araceae.
They are native to tropical & subtropical regions of Asia.
It helps to improve the air quality of your indoor spaces with the ability to filter indoor air pollutants & toxins. Also, this gorgeous looking leafy indoor plant emits Oxygen, which assists in increasing productivity & enriching health & well-being both in living & working spaces always.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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Wow so useful

Good very usefull and its benifits

Bigger leaves, Beautiful picture.


green plants, make a relaxed view, I like it

Wao nice phtotography

I like this plant, Colorful eye-catching.

Buenas, esta planta de follage tropical también es una de las más utilizadas para decorar interiores, ya que necesita poca luz , temperatura, humedad, necesita poco esfuerzo para su condición de crecimiento, así que podemos decorar nuestras casas, oficinas, negocios con ella, está muy bonita su fotografía

I find your content very interesting. I am very fond of this type of plant.