Clitoria Ternatea 🪴

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Clitoria ternatea is commonly known as Asian pigeonwings, butterfly pea, bluebellvine, blue pea, cordofan pea & darwin pea which is a plant species belonging to Fabaceae family.

It’s a perennial herbaceous plant, with elliptic, obtuse leaves which grows as a vine or creeper & survive well in moist/neutral soil.

Most striking feature about this cool plant is the exceptional color & shape of its flowers, a vivid deep blue, solitary, with light yellow markings & some varieties yield attractive white flowers.

They are edible when tender & it’s grown as an ornamental plant & as a revegetation species.

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This is beautiful with lovely names

@udibekwe, the flower master. good one you have here. Pls brother, give me your contact I want to chat you one on one


Search him with same @udibekwe on Instagram

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Ita beautiful