Common Sage 💐



Common sage leaf is used to make medicine. There are also many species of sage & the two most common known species are common sage ‘Salvia officinalis’ & Spanish sage ‘Salvia lavandulaefolia’.
Sage is used for the treatment Alzheimer disease, diabetes, high cholesterol & symptoms of menopause. Please this is not a medical advice and kindly consult your physician before use.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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Wow quite a useful plant

Sage leaves are very useful, usually traditional medicine contains a lot of leaves or plants in nature, have a nice day @udibekwe

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yeah its helpful for natural medicine

how does it treat diabetes?

Sir please help me in this community .

First time I have seen this plant, thanks for posting the pic and write use of this plant.

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Sir how can we contact with you؟