Echeveria Elegans Succulent 🌵



Echeveria elegans is a succulent evergreen perennial that’s growing wide with tight rosettes of pale green/blue fleshy leaves, bearing long slender pink stalks of pink beautiful flowers with yellow tips in winter & spring.
They can often be recognized by its gorgeous rosette-shaped with very striking plump, spoon-like leaves, usually have pointy tip. Echeveria are known as polycarpic plant, meaning they must bloom accordingly.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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This is looking beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

I like succulent plants 🪴

this is really an awesome shot!

Beautiful plant

Beautiful plant, there is a similarity of a rose plant.

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Me parece que son ballenas el usuario y los votantes.

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I love this flower but never knew how it was called! Thanks!
Great shot btw!

This is on my grandmother's windowsill. Not very whimsical flowers.