Euphorbia Cactus Plant🌵



Euphorbia Ingens Cactus Plant is quite spiny, succulent medium-sized growing tree with a sturdy main stem & a massive dark green crown-like branching in a broadly obconical manner or in the shape of an over-sized egg-cup & not distinctly candelabra-like.
They have long been known to yield latexes with irritant & carcinogenic properties & these properties have been associated with some diterpenes of the phorbol class.
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Very clean and clear shot

The kaptus tree is very good, but the thorns of the kaptus tree when hit by the hand can hurt, do you like cultivating the kaptus tree, have a nice day @udibekwe

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Great photography! Captured well. ❤

This cactus is not seen much nowadays .. I have been watching it for a long time ..Nice photography