Trailing Lantana 🌼



Lantana montevidensis is a species of lantana known by many common names, such as: trailing lantana, weeping lantana, small lantana, purple lantana, creeping lantana, or trailing shrubverbena.
Lantana montevidensis is a small strongly scented flowering low shrub with oval-shaped green leaves. With gardening support it has a climbing 'vine' form, when on edge a trailing form & on the flat a groundcover form.
Usually the fruit consists of a pair of nutlets surrounded by flesh somewhat like a berry.
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Quite an outstanding and beautiful flower you shared

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It looks like a bush. But it blooms very beautifully.

@udibekwe this is beautiful, thank you for such enlightenment

Wow, that's a beautiful shrub😍😍😍

Such amazing flowers!

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I love purple