Vitex Trifolia 🏵



Vitex trifolia is a large coastal shrub or small tree that’s less than 5 meters in height with the soft stems covered by soft hairs ‘tomentose’.
The leaves are oppositely arranged along the stems & are usually compound that’s composed of 3linear leaflets.
The leaf is used to treat skin infections, disorders of the spleen & rheumatism.
They also used in preparations to regulate menstruation & bowel function. Please note that this is not a medical advice, kindly consult your physician before use.
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Good to have the details about the flower

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Thanks for the article @udibekwe

That's a great information to have and since in our country we used lots of herbal plants for treatment what you've mention is a big help.. (because I believe herbal plants don't have any side effects but will bring goodness to one's health) thanks for the share @udibekwe. Though I haven't seen it in person wish to encounter it in the near future for I myself prefer those of herbal and organic way of healing than of those of taking tablet or medicine.

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