Mi presentación

2개월 전


Good evening friends of this beautiful community.

Today again, requesting this presentation from you since in the previous one I did not

comply with established rules that I did not know.

Who I am?

My name is Yris Calcurian @yris, Venezuelan, from the center of the Guárico state. my

beloved homeland Tucupido, the barn of the guárico.I am currently 56 years old and

have four wonderful grown children and happily married.

My profession is a classroom teacher, currently retired, where I had 25 years of

experience working, with multiple grades in a hamlet in this town of Tucupido.

What I like.

Since I was little I have liked to draw and make decorative arrangements, but above

all to draw. When I was little I couldn't see a clean wall with paint because I decorated

it with my drawings, then there was punishment for scratching the walls.

¿Why do I want to join Draft Crearte?

I would like to be part of this community to learn from the others who participate and

demonstrate my talent and for you to be the judges to give your approval or object if


I am sure that it will be very valuable and interesting to share and learn techniques

that I can then apply to my creations in the future.

I hope that my presentation is of your pleasant acceptance and I have the

opportunity to create, draw and decorate for you in this prestigious Draft Crearte


Blessings for all.

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