The Trail Of Cullinan Ranch | Nature Preserve In Vallejo, California

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The estuary of Cullinan Ranch is the whole package for you to cherish your body, mind and soul by captivating the loveliness of birds chirping over the breezy wind.
The 1500 acres of federal property land on highway 37 (sears point rd) is still part of San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge with public access to walk, bike, fish, and launch kayaks. We weren't intentionally going there, it was just a stop to stretch since it's by the highway. Turned out it was a great tranquility to walk.







PG&E Towers

The PG&E's bridge and towers were the most amazing scenery, although it's private property you can't get through but you can still enjoy the picturesque of silhouettes over the water.



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I wonder what the bridge is for.


Those towers are an electric transmission towers belong to "Pacific Gas and Electric Company", so I'm sure that bridge is an access for the workers to do some maintenance.
Thank you for passed by @etainclub.


it looks like what you said. I thought there is something at the other side of the bridge. thank you for the explantion.

Thanks for sharing ☺️😊 a fabulous photos of California 😍😊 nature photography:) I hope you enjoyed a lot in capturing such a beautiful photos
Have a nice day