Most Winning and Lost Crypto Money in 24 Hour Change (10.04.2021)

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Most Winning and Lost Crypto Money in 24 Hour Change (10.04.2021)

  • According to Coinmarketcap data, the volume and price percentages of the most winning and losing crypt money in the last 24 hours are like the table below.*

Brief information about the most profitable cryptocurrency of the day.

Today's price of FairEclipse is $ 4.73 E-9 USD, with 24-hour trading volume of $ 1,519,908 USD. FairEclipse's son was 24 hours old. Anlik CoinMarketCap ranking # 2598, market capitalization not available. The desire version in circulation is not available and is at the maximum level. 1,000,000,000,000,000 feclipse coins.

FairEclipse (FEclipse) What Is It?

FairEclipse is a deflationary token that rewards all owners with a reflection of the 10% total tax. The tax is split in half-5% is distributed to all owners and 5% is added back to the liquidity pool. This creates a price base to cushion against large sales at the same time.
FairEclipse also aims to have an NFT market for owners to contribute to their NFT. Funds from the sale will be donated to charity. The exact basis will be decided later when the Nft marketplace is established.

24-hour exchange is the most winning crypto money

1FairEclipseFECLIPSE<$0.000000011943.77% $1,525,416
2Boson ProtocolBOSON$4.63825.56% $53,192,659
3RewardiqaREW$2.13384.70% $210,568
4LemoChainLEMO$0.01017356.03% $1,628,179
5MetisMTS$20.26209.40% $309,771
6Crypto Village AcceleratorCVA$0.09171208.82% $88,281
7EXMR FDNEXMR$0.0413158.39% $135,184
8GAMBGMB$0.006972137.82% $10,570,070
9Electrify.AsiaELEC$0.006024136.19% $494,360
10EnecuumENQ$0.2788114.09% $14,348,257

24-hour exchange top earning cryptocurrencies
1LandboxLAND$0.178498.43% $1,671,447
2RYI UnityRYIU$0.00542296.83% $56,893
3BackPacker CoinBPC$0.667476.94% $425,745
4VNX ExchangeVNXLU$0.949166.23% $2,681,201
5JSB FOUNDATIONJSB$0.595365.71% $67,744
6COMOS FinanceCOMOS$0.51760.06% $116,150
7VNT ChainVNT$0.00200359.72% $263,544
8BlowFishBLOWF$0.00650759.49% $1,041,302
9MantisMNTIS$1.8756.92% $123,081
10CoTraderCOT$0.000377656.91% $111,312



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