Most Winning and Lost Crypto Money in 24 Hour Change (11.04.2021)


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Most Winning and Lost Crypto Money in 24 Hour Change (11.04.2021)

  • According to Coinmarketcap data, the volume and price percentages of the most winning and losing crypt money in the last 24 hours are like the table below.*

Brief information about the most profitable cryptocurrency of the day.

Metis today's price is $ 47.60 USD, 24-hour trading volume is $ 642,863 USD. The son of Metis swam for 24 hours. Meaning CoinMarketCap ranking # 2721, market value not available. The desire version in circulation is not available and is at the maximum level. 1,200,000,000 MTS of money.

Metis believes in empowering individuals to reach their true potential through education. However, education is often underused due to the difficulties of access to education, and students may not always have the right incentive to complete their education. Metis solves this problem by providing a direct economic incentive for users who represent economic value to society that is not captured by the users themselves. Through Metis, students have a financial incentive to learn and receive skills that are in demand in society. These students, who learn and collect skills that the industry lacks, can earn money while studying.

Metis will need users to complete milestones in their online courses, thanks to our innovative study evidence to obtain new MTS tokens to receive MTS tokens.

24-hour exchange is the most winning crypto money

1MetisMTS$47.60465.17% $642,873
2FairEclipseFECLIPSE$0.0000000168421.35% $2,328,563
3CAPITAL X CELLCXC$0.2446293.92% $70,158
4Weiner FinanceWENR$0.000008959231.22% $447,042
5Meter StableMTR$8.18229.65% $1,188,983
6RYI UnityRYIU$0.03462205.40% $216,285
7DSYSDSYS$0.004048184.45% $196,125
8Student CoinSTC$0.05966156.91% $1,111,917
9CY FinanceCYF$0.0001001150.17% $165,613
10Secure PadSEPA$39.35145.89% $4,688,911

24-hour exchange top earning cryptocurrencies
1UNITi ProtocolUNIT$0.199388.09% $121,992
2CarrotCakeCCAKE$7.0575.55% $1,562,072
3The Hash SpeedTHS$0.489763.91% $54,924
4CasperCSPR$1.0063.77% $367,098
5SBankSTS$0.0484762.33% $63,307
6XRPDOWNXRPDOWN$0.192959.71% $29,008,084
7MidasProtocolMAS$0.00331358.92% $67,297
83x Short XRP TokenXRPBEAR$0.0000323756.10%$4,281,033
10COMOS FinanceCOMOS$0.40851.84% $57,030



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