daily analysis: bitcoin and ethereum (in my opinion)21/01/2021

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Trading lies in assertiveness, not ribs. If the situation turns out to be wrong, decisive stop loss is of the utmost importance. When the direction is wrong, the decisive stop loss is the truth. The market is changing rapidly, is it true? The long term solution is to control risk and perform sound stop loss operations. The so-called heavy warehouse, with no stop loss, only takes your hard-earned money as a bet.

BTC market analysis:

Last night, the gray BTC OTC price fell 10.28% on the opening quotes, and gray stopped holding positions on Bitcoin, and the price fell to a low of 33,351.


source: tradingview.com

From a daily point of view, after the price broke the Bollinger Middle Orbit line yesterday, it ushered in reverse pumping this morning. Currently, short-term pressure is pressing the 35750-36000 area on the Bollinger Middle Orbital line and the 5 and 10 day moving averages. Technically, MACD's short energy continues heavy volume, the fast and slow lines diverge downward at high levels, the RSI's third line goes down below 70, and the price rebounds in the morning. In fact, it is still a volatile structure in the strict sense. The support that is currently visible is a trial request, so the focus is on the support position below

On the 4-hourly chart the price is under pressure near 35320 to test the attack line support, the Bollinger Band is slightly open, and the indicators in the attached picture are rising downwards, and the price has downward intentions. We believe that the triangle 36000 interval on the daily chart has been suppressed, and we need to pay attention to the above break. If it breaks, it is expected that the price will go up again to test the 38,000 line, otherwise the price will fall again to test the 34,000 line

Action suggestions:

Several orders near 1.34200 entered the market, stop loss by 200 points, look at 34500-34700 alternately

Empty orders near 2.36000 enter the market with a stop loss of 200 points, and the target is 35300-35500 in turn

ETH market analysis:


source: tradingview.com

The Ether market goes first to 1389 and then starts to decline. Currently, the price is under pressure and continues to retreat to test the support. If the support is not broken, it will rebound to test the pressure. The general direction is still bullish. The white market is expected to return earlier. Collect money, then turn around and keep going up Today's thinking is still to step back and take on more operations.

Action suggestions:

Retreat to 1320-1330 and take more gradually, the target is 1350-1370, the break is 1400, and the stop loss is 1310

Digital asset trading is a high-risk trading method that can result in partial or total losses. Users are asked to participate carefully and carefully consider their digital asset trading experience and risk tolerance level before deciding to buy or sell. This operating strategy can only be used as a reference. Investing is a long-term solution, not overnight, so don't be in a hurry, even if you're losing money now, there's nothing scary, as long as you choose the right one, your losses will come back again. Smart people always walk with each other, take advantage of opportunities to place orders, and understand market trends to win every battle.

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