[Delaware Valley Life] Guess the location challenge

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I took this picture the week-end before all the SHTF with the Witness Wars, chain split, and novel coronavirus. The intent was to launch a contest for people in the Delaware Valley Life community to identify the location of the photo.

I was thinking it could be a fun game for people in the region. If it catches on as a game, we could even challenge each other to post matching photos. After everything blew-up, I decided not to post it for a while, though.

Now that things are seemingly settling into a new sort of normal, I thought I'd go ahead and post it. So, what's your guess, Delaware Valley? What is the subject of this photo, and where was it taken?


Liquid rewards from this post will go to anyone who (in my opinion) contributes to a discussion that leads towards finding the answer. Be as specific as possible.

I think this one is relatively easy for Delaware Valley locals, so the only hint is that it's somewhere in the Delaware Valley and it was taken on March 1, so it might look different today.

May 23, 2020

The photo is Washington's Headquarters in the Valley Forge National Historical Park. This is where General George Washington made his headquarters when the Continental Army was camped at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. Washington later served as the first American president.

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Delaware is the one place I have ever been to in the USA (apart from three airports) and I do think the area I went to is in the Delaware Valley. I went for a work related project and stayed there for a week. I was put in a Best Western on a highway in Newark, DE, because Wilmington's hotels were full. So What i visited was Newark, Newcastle and Wilmington. Unfortunately I think these photographs were not a part of what I was able to visit.


Thanks for the comment!

Newark is part of the Delaware Valley. It includes parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is a short distance north from Wilmington, just across the state line, so I'm familiar with the area where you stayed. If it's the hotel that I'm thinking of, I think we tried to go to that Best Western for breakfast a couple years ago, but the restaurant was closed.

Also, you're correct that these pictures were taken in a location that you would not have observed if you were just in the area of Wilmington, Newcastle, and Newark.

No guesses after almost a day, so here's another hint. This photo was taken on the same day, just a short drive up the street from the first. Reminder that I'm hoping for a fairly specific answer for the subject of the first one.


Almost four days and still no guesses, so here's another hint with a photo that was taken a few hours later in the same general area...


If you're not sure, I'm willing to answer yes or no questions.

Only one day left, so here's a final hint that should make it an easy guess for anyone who happens across the comments...


Enter your guesses before the post pays out at 6:58 PM tomorrow...