Vaccine-derived polio spreads in Africa after defeat of wild virus

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A new polio outbreak in Sudan has been linked to the oral polio vaccine that uses a weakened form of the virus.

News of the outbreak comes a week after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that wild polio had been eradicated in Africa.

The WHO linked the cases to a strain of the virus that had been noted circulating in Chad last year and warned that the risk of spread to other parts of the Horn of Africa was high.

I had to do a double take when I was scrolling threw the headlines and came across this article. I was like what? They're actually admitting the vaccine causes not cures disease. In the article they said the vaccine derived polio is mutating and spreading in the wild.

When a child receives the oral vaccine, the weakened virus replicates in the intestine, encouraging the production of antibodies, and can be present in excreta. In an area where there are high enough levels of immunity in the population, this usually does not present a problem, even if sanitation is poor.

But in areas where there is both poor sanitation and a lack of general immunisation the virus can survive and circulate for months, mutating over time until it poses the same risk of paralysis-causing disease as wild polio.

Basically young healthy children are being used has hosts to create more polio viruses and spreading it through there poop and with africa having poor sanitation this is causing more people to come in contact with the virus. not to mention they admit the virus can survive for months and mutate in the child possibly making it harder to vaccinate against.

Playing around with these live viruses sound like a bad idea to me and that thought that your recently vaccinated child could be a factory for live mutated polio virus sounds insane. I prefer boosting my immune system naturally than taking a chance we these live virus vaccines.

It also makes me wonder if covid and other viruses actually spread easier through bathroom contact rather than the air and that's why these stupid mask policies haven't stopped the spread.


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Oh and the whole idead that MMR vaccine is causing autism because of live viruses infecting the stomachs of these autistic kids is kind of plausible if they admit the live polio vaccine does the same thing.

Just my 2 cents on things. Thanks for reading!


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They have to vaccinate the children again, even though polio was declared eradicated, because their previous vaccine gave the children polio. And folks wonder why so many of us don't trust vaccination.

The aggravating thing is that this is a known problem with the oral vaccine. I read a paper from Stanford University about this. From 2015! This is not the one I saw but here is one....

Here's the heart of the issue.....

"These vaccine-derived viruses are escapees. They start in the intestines of a tiny fraction of people who receive the oral polio vaccine. The oral vaccine uses live, but attenuated, strains of poliovirus, meaning the pathogen has been altered to be harmless — or at least much less virulent. In about one in a million people, though, the attenuated poliovirus mutates in such a way that it regains its potency. Sometimes, it sickens the individual who got the vaccine, a problem known to doctors for decades."

"What’s come as a surprise, however, is that even if these mutated viruses fail to affect the person in whom they originate, they may escape into the environment in the individuals’ feces and start infecting people like wild viruses do."

So, why use the oral vaccine in Africa? We do not use it here. hmm........

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