22.5 needs to be released to open-source ASAP

4개월 전

I just want to remind everyone why a production blockchain needs to be running on open-source software:

If the code is close source, users have no way to verify what is happening when they use the network. There can be hidden rules, including for monetary distribution. I recommend everyone to be cautious, we have no idea what 22.5 exactly did.

If the code is close source, it's difficult for witnesses to update and run the majority version and produce blocks. It basically puts governance in lockdown, and it's very dangerous for the health of the chain.

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EDIT: Nevermind, they actually did it 1 hour ago: https://github.com/steemit/steem/pull/3618

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Thanks, I found it after posting :) Article is updated

one of my favourite quotes:

"we wanted to created a [governless] utopia, but nobody would follow the rules"

I'm very disappointed to see this happen. It's a desperate act that will upset a lot of the community. The old witnesses, including yourself, have done so much for Steem.

SunDumb. This might be the push we need to abandon this disaster NinjaExploit and begin anew, heck maybe we can actually make Reputation mean something now.


Reputation algorithm is bad. It can easily be manipulated by people with some stake.


Seems like control over the exchanges and/or obtaining a huge stake is a weak point in the governance algorithm. Seems like we have to think of ways to alter the governance algorithm so the chain resists such attempts at centralization by any one stakeholder.

@heimindanger 0.22.5 has been released in GitHub but if Top20 witness are controlled by one (Tron) this means nothing. No guarantee that the changes showed in code are the code running right now!


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