The raw notes from justin-ned AMA

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Just a heads up that this is rough notes of everything they talked about. As fast as i could I wrote or closely paraphrased what they said.

I did not write my own opinion in this post.
At least i tried hard to make it not my opinion... just notes
Also plenty of spelling mistakes as i went fast

Called it a Collaboration
Partnered with tron
Ned sold all his shares in the company
Justin made $150 steem and a lot of comments (justin wasn't impressed)
Ned was a big fan of reddit and dan was a blockchain engineer
Cryptocurrency could be a point system like reddit karma
Ned wanted to focus on communities and make financial tools for those communtities
"Finance and social media should go together"
He's pimping SMT to justin and tron users.
Steem blockchain has evolved more than
He's throwing DAN under the bus a little... saying they're not using the EOS blockchain.
"Moving on for personal reasons."
A couple other companies he's working on privately
He wants steemit to continue on and thrive
Just has a lot of vision and openmindedness, resources and communication skills
"Excited to see where the ship sales with Justin at the healm"

Been a fan of steem and steemit for a long time even since the beginning.
He's a fan of social media weibo/twitter / chinese reddit
he knows the value of social media

Steem/steemit is still an expirement for social media + blockchain tech
We have tech know how on how to opperate a blockchain with social media community

14: Brief overview of tron by justin
Tron funded in 2017
One of the most scalable blockchains
700 dapps on tron platform
acquired bittorrent largest decentralized ecosystem
200 million active users
50% of the active users in bittorrent ecosystem
utorrent connection
Run node to earn money
Spend to store files on other computers
collaborated with dlive ... decentralized live streaming platform
exploring decentralized live streaming (but just said it was)
100 employees in san fran
Relation with poloniex which has been up and running 6 years
Poloniex has lots of tron ecosystem tokens

"Collaborate with steemit and steem as well"
We will keep the status quo and keep focused on product
New version of the product next week
I think he's talking about communities

user experience and adds balance
focus on growth of users and the financial growth of our steem tokens
invest capitol resources
wants to see the growth of the steem token
we want steem token holders to grow financially with their investment

we want to bring more people to understand about the steem blockchain

Tron is supported by samsung phones
shilling samsung flip Z
Samsung is doing stuff with blockchain

23: Wants to ship a steemit mobile app this year
Opera steemit and steemit on samsung

We have lots of distribution channels and wants to ship steemit to those ... specifically mentioned bittorrent

@4: Ned responding to what Justin said
On steem side that's an exciting proposition

26: We don't have a plan for token swap tokens will be seperately
no token swap for right now
Find out how to let steem can use tron smart contracts
Find out how to help steem/steemit grow
Integrate ...
Keep the teams separate

No plans for future changes yet

I believe a win-win solution for both steem and tron.
Mutual benefit alliance
I want steem/steemit to thrive much as tron do
We are holders of steem tokens too

Everybody is financially allianced
We have lots of resources to put into steem ecosystem

30: I'm super bullish about 2020 /2021 (pricing)

Re: voice ... i want to see the expiriment. He wants them all to thrive and be successful. (justin)
we still need lots of experiments on blockchain
And steem/steemit can learn from it

31: They were hanging out a couple months ago
32: He likes tesla and bitcoin and invested in both.
Bitcoin is more exciting
1.5 years at ripple

33: Tron ecosystem and tron community is energetic and active and our community is not toxic and very inclusive... we love to see the advantage and strengths of other communities.
we are a very kind people
He's 29 and 20 have been in china and the other 9 has been 50/50 china / us.
Ned is also 29

36: We share the vision with steem/steemit ...
Numerous resources into decentralized products
we will keep independence of the team and how to run products and we'll ship new features to our community
We want to be a person to help them and the steem price will increase
steem community will become more and more strong
some day we can compete with reddit that is my vision

38: Ned is giving justin his experience.
justin will consult ned for future changes

39: We definitely want to be responsible with steem token. We will put more resources, investment, people, capitol to create more value. The price will eventually grow because of that.

40 No plans to stake to vote content or witness... right now we want to keep all the same structure and existing team as it is.
Focus on new product next week (communities)

At least right now we don't have any plan to vote

Going to attend steemfest this year? I'm happy to attend for sure... as long as not held in asia. (coronavirus) We want everyone to be safe. They postponed their singapore conference.

44: What's the benefit to trx ...
Steem will bring upside to trx holders

Go to and try it out... i believe the product is amazing.

45: try dapp review sites to see the best tron dapps

46: Will give a special bonus to dlive viewers right now
sent 125.8 lemon?
I got 1.1 the best user got 4.7 and next luckiest is 3.1 lemon

48: The community is why we were interested in this collaboration

In the future any changes we will cherish your guys voice and get your feedback.

49: What's the plan for SMT
Yesterday talked to team and if team is ready we will find a way to release it because why not they are already close.
Been doing it so long definetly want to release it.
Will talk to team and see if they're ready to release
They want to release features next week... (aka communities)

50: Wants to help fund dapp development

51: Steemit team will stay as it is.
Just like bittorrent and dlive both stayed as it is

computer battery almost gone and we've addressed most of the question

52: pimping to follow him on twitter and that he will post news there of live streams

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Thank you, @jarvie. I will only say this once and then move on. I just wish Steemians had shown up with an open mind and heart. Instead we showed up as a petulant, angry mob. Sigh.

Thanks for the blow by blow.

I watched it and was impressed by how they managed to ignore so many questions.

No plans for now to mess with Witnesses. No plans for now for a token swap. Hmmmm...

Justin Tron doesn’t have a power cord?


To be fair, I wouldn’t expect a flat out promise that they’ll never do x, y, or z. Perhaps the plan was initially for an immediate token swap and we already squelched it with discussion yesterday.

I’m encouraged by what I just read above. At the very least there’s more time to grow and acquire stake. The longer Steemit Inc. (Tron) plays by the existing rules they’d always adhered to, the more they’re diluted and power moves to the community.

I’m at work, but I’ll be looking to watch everything later and perhaps my feelings will change with more nuance.


Perhaps the plan was initially for an immediate token swap and we already squelched it with discussion yesterday.

That sounds plausible. Sun’s Medium post made it sound like a done deal. But so much of the post was confusing. Poorly translated from Chinese?

So is this more of a partnership to explore use of BOTH steem and tron integration or is it just a migration effort to tron?

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No question answered IMHO. Marketing talk, no details. They haven't addressed any tough questions asked by the community. Some people will be sold, some must be preparing a hard fork.

Here are my notes from what I've seen: justinsun-ama-first-impression

Thanks, very handy!

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Thank you for sharing the notes, @jarvie!

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  ·  2년 전

Thanks for posting. As expected...

Thanks so much for the recap!!!
Must have been hard to hold back your opinion ;)

I caught parts of it and definitely had lots of opinions :D

"Computer battery running out" was one of my favorites XD


Hi @connecteconomy

Just a moment ago I decided to check out your profile and see if you published any articles lately - only to realize that you didn't publish anything in a long while.
Hope you are well and didn't give up on steemit yet.

Cheers, Piotr


Nothing to do with Steemit, just had less time over the past few months :)

Great notes Jarvie .... Battery running out 😅😅😅

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