Steem Travelers: Kalanggaman Island A Gem You Shouldn't Miss Discovering

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Magandang Buhay Steemians!!

Let the sun kiss you and the waves splash on you. Summer vacation can't be complete without traveling with your travel buddies. So pack up and join us as we go to Kalanggaman Island.

The fun never stops

Meeting people as you always the best, and for this trip we met Manong Bobby he actually recommended us to go to kalanggaman island. And since we all haven't been there, there is no reason to say no for an opportunity. We decided to go and set to be ready exactly 5 am since it's a 2 hour travel to the island from Malapascua Island.

Here we go!!

The food was actually prepared by Manong Bobby, he went yo the fish market early and his wife helped him in cooking the fresh fish.

Where is Kalanggaman Island?

Kalanggaman Island is an hour travel from the City proper of Palompon and a two Hour travel from Maya Daan Bantayan. It is located in the municipality of Palompon in Leyte. Kalanggaman is famous for its crystal clear water, white powdery sand and long sand bars stretching on both sides of the island.


In going to the island it is advisable to bring all the necessities like food and water. People who wish to go there bring tents and stay over night. In the middle part of the island there are trees that gives shade to the tourist but in going to the tip of the island you can't find any tree. You have to walk going to the tip of the island since the pump boat will stay in the safe area. The sand is too refined and some parts of the sand you can't stand in since it will easily sink in the water.


This island did not fail me. It exceeded my expectation. Definitely the best of all the place I've visited so far. Truly a paradise, a place I've seen only in pictures or TV. It's definitely not a wallpaper anymore. A place worth of a hundred pictures or even more. And it deserves to have a lot of poses from me.


There are also water sports to enjoy in the island. Like jet ski, kayaking and riding in banana boat. We tried the banana boat for $2 or 100 pesos each. The kids were so excited since it was their first time, I was my first time too so as my husband. I was a bit nervous thinking that we might fall, I couldn't imagine what to do if that happens having the kids with me. But I will not spoil the fun. Before we started there was a short briefing on what to do in case the banana boat flips. They discussed the safest thing to do and attached the life vest well.

We only had a few decent shots of that experience but the thrill I felt and the fun I had will be remembered forever. I know for sure my kids will talk about their experience throughout the day. Riding the banana boat did not scare me much but what scared me was the thought of being in the deep part of the sea. We don't know right sharks usually appears in this areas in movies.haha But nothing to worry it was safe and enjoyable.


This is taken at the tip of the island, you can compare that the sand is finer in this part of the island. Well you can clearly see how burned my skin is and still smilin'. Who wouldn't enjoy this kind of vacation right?


Some of us just went swimming beside the boat, it was already a bit deep in that area.

The majestic view of the beach and the sand bar completes my vacation. Absolutely one for the books. So if you are looking for affordable sand bars to visit in the Philippines. This should be one on your list.

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Thank you so much

what an interesting write-up! The environment is so beautiful and the water is clean. I love your pictures too. Any plans to visit the beach soon?


Thank you.. Hopefully I will if I won't be that busy anymore..

I'm really impressed with the view of the island you see in the pictures above


Hola @bisayakalog preciosas playas!!! Me encantaron!



Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

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The beach is my favorite. But I see the color of the sea water in your picture is very beautiful. It is not good to see the sea as we do not see this color water in Bangladesh.


You may see this color all the time if you visit the beaches in the Philippines.